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by Gino on June 20, 2013

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Summer Officially Begins At 1:04 AM Friday

Nik Wallenda’s New Walk

Daredevil Nik Wallenda will walk across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope on Sunday. He is not using a safety net or harness. The Discovery Channel will air the walk live, but with a delay. Nik’s 1,400-foot walk will take place 1,500 feet above the Little Colorado River.

Bachelor Host Launches A Dating App

Chris Harrison is coming to your bad date rescue. The Bachelor host and Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss just launched a new dating app called At First Sight. Harrison describes At First Sight as a “fun, Instagram-slash-Twitter-slash-Vine version of a dating site.”

Joe Torre’s Daughter Catches Falling Baby

Joe Torre’s daughter caught a falling baby on Wednesday (June 19th). Cristina Torre was walking down Third Ave in Brooklyn when she saw a baby boy hanging off the edge of a storefront awning. Torre quickly positioned herself underneath the awning and was able to secure the baby as he fell. Apparently, the child crawled through a cardboard opening next to an air conditioning unit in a second story apartment. The baby was stranded on the fire escape when he fell on the awning and then into Torre’s hands. (Yahoo Sports)

People Using GPS Units Get Lost… A Lot

An online poll from Harris Interactive finds that U.S. adults are pretty likely to have gotten lost using their GPS while driving. The survey covered 2,200-adults and found that drivers were misdirected 4.4 times on average by GPS. It also found that for 40-percent of participants said that physical maps and printed directions were the most preferred means of navigation when traveling to a new destination. GPS was the second most popular option for travel aids with 30-percent of the votes, and smartphone and tablet devices were used by about 19-percent of respondents. Still, six-percent of respondents said they rely on verbal directions from locals in the area. (Fox)

People Are More Confrontational When Sitting At A Rectangle Table

Canadian researchers have found that people become more confrontational when sitting around a rectagular shaped table compared to when they sit around tables of other shapes. To find this, researchers had volunteers sit around various shaped tables and observed their interactions. Study authors wrote, “The geometric shape of a seating arrangement can impact consumers by priming one of two fundamental needs– the need to belong or the need to be unique.” Researchers found that when people sat in a circular formation they were primed to feel they belong, while those sitting in an angular shaped seating arrangement were primed to need to be unique. Researchers say they think these results could be useful in the layouts of classrooms, restaurants and hotel lobbies. (Daily Mail)

Should FBI Give Up Trying to Find Jimmy Hoffa’s Remains?

The FBI yesterday (June 19th) ended their three-day search of a field north of Detroit for Jimmy Hoffa’s remains or clues to the former Teamsters boss’ 1975 disappearance, at least the third time in the last decade they’ve dug in a location and come up empty. It’s almost universally believed that Hoffa was killed by the Mafia, but Detroit FBI chief Robert Foley said the case remains open and they’ll continue to investigate if they get more leads worth looking into, explaining, “We’re always hopeful that we’ll get a lead that will lead us to a position in which we can conclude this investigation, both for the process of justice but also for the family.” This latest search came out of a tip from ex-Mafia captain Tony Zerilli, who was in jail when Hoffa disappeared, but said that after he was released, he was told that’s where Hoffa had been buried.

Survey: 20 Percent Would Leave Their Partner for Sexting with Someone Else

After former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal was revealed, he was forced to step down from Congress and disappeared from the political scene. But his wife stayed with him, and now he’s not only still with her, but is a father and is running to be mayor of New York. A new survey found that most people would do what Weiner’s wife did, with only 20 percent saying they’d leave their partner if they found out he or she was sexting with someone else. In fact, one-third said they wouldn’t even bring it up to their partner. Some of the other situation questions in the survey from the website Good in Bed, along with Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines:

  • Your boss sends you inappropriate sexual text messages: 45 percent would send a message back to their boss saying it’s inappropriate, while 35 percent would either report it to human resources or ignore it completely.
  • You’re in a relationship, but recently had a one-night stand: 30 percent said they’d tell their partner right away, but the same number would keep it a secret.
  • You find out your partner snooped through your personal messages, such as text messages, emails, Facebook, etc.: 56 percent would want to know why their partner was snooping, while 41 percent expressed concern about their partner’s distrust, and would reassure them they have nothing to worry about.
  • You start dating someone and they tell you they’re bisexual: An equal number of people, 35 percent each, said they would be okay with it and that it would be a deal breaker.

Even Dunkin’ Donuts is Going Gluten-Free

If you didn’t realize that eating gluten-free had become a big trend, here’s the proof: Dunkin’ Donuts is jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon. Dunkin’ has announced that it will begin selling gluten-free cinnamon-sugar doughnuts and blueberry muffins in its U.S. stores later this year. People with celiac disease can’t eat gluten, the protein found in wheat, rye and barley, but a lot of people who don’t have the autoimmune disorder have begun eating gluten-free, believing it’s healthier. Researcher Nielsen found that there were $19.7 billion worth of sales in the U.S. of items labeled gluten-free in the year that ended in mid-May, surpassing that of items identified as cholesterol-free, multigrain or high-fiber. Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t the only fast food company that has noticed this; Domino’s Pizza sells gluten-free crusts, and Dunkin’ competitor Starbucks is considering creating some gluten-free items as well.

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