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by Gino on June 21, 2013

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The lines at New York’s Dominique Ansel Bakery continue to grow every morning as people line up to purchase cronuts. The half-croissant, half-donut costs $5 and is creme filled. The bakery only produces 250 cronuts a day and there’s a limit of two per person. Some people are scalping cronuts for $50.

Worst Celebrity Role Model For Kids?

Chris Brown has been voted one of the worst role model for kids. According to FUSE TV, 2,407 parents were surveyed by and 71% named Breezy as the worst male role model for kids. 68% named Miley Cyrus as the worst female role model for kids.

Kanye West came in at no. 2 with 67%, Justin Bieber came in at no. 3 with 65% followed by Lil Wayne and Jay-Z.

Miley beat out Lindsay Lohan — who came in a no. 2 with 65%, Kim Kardashian, who came in at no.3 with 63%, Rihanna, Ke$ha and Taylor Momsen.

  • Meanwhile, 58% of parents don’t think celebs should even be considered examples for kids in the first place.

Bravo Pays Tribute To James Gandolfini

Bravo is going back into its vault to honor James Gandolfini, who died at 51-years-old on Wednesday of a likely heart attack. The cable network will re-broadcast The Sopranos actor’s 2004 appearance on Inside the Actor’s Studio on Sunday.

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