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by Gino on June 25, 2013

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Olympic Torch Headed To Space

The president of Russia’s Sochi Olympic Committee tweeted Monday that the Olympic torch will be going into space. Cosmonauts will carry an official Sochi 2014 Olympic torch to the International Space Station, and then out on a spacewalk. It will not be lit during the flight, while on the ISS, or on the spacewalk. Cosmonauts will take the torch to the space station in early November.

Anti-Google Glass Tech

A group of researchers from Japan have found a way to prevent face recognition technolog from working. The group of researchers is from the National Institute of Informatics, and says they’ve developed a pair of glasses that are fitted with 11-near-infrared LEDs which shine a bright light and prevents Glass, or similar face recognition technology, from working. N-I-N researcher, associate professor Isao Echizen says, “Light from these near infrared LEDs can’t be seen by the human eye, but when it passes through the camera’s imaging device, it appears bright.” (Fox)

‘Made in the USA’ Tracks Man’s Journey to Only Buy American for 30 Days

Is it possible to only live on goods and products that were made in America? West Virginia native Josh Miller tried to do it for 30 days, part of his investigation of American manufacturing and how to revive it that began after a plant closed in his hometown, costing 650 jobs. Miller documented his road trip across the U.S. in a new film, called Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey. Miller told ABC News that his goal isn’t so much trying to get people to buy only American-made products, which might be more expensive, but finding solutions to lower the prices of U.S.-made products. He said, “We need to put policies in place that allow us to outcompete the world, and that’s what this film was about.” Beyond that, Miller said perhaps the most effective solution is just for American consumers to demand U.S.-made products, saying that business will meet that demand.

‘Dr. Oz’ Getting His Own Magazine

TV’s Dr. Oz is getting his own magazine, with publisher Hearst announcing yesterday (June 24th) that two issues will be out in the first half of next year, and that the magazine could become a regular title if those issues do well enough. The magazine is apparently targeting the same demographic that watches Dr. Oz’s show, women ages 25 to 54. A press statement says it will offer, quote, “fresh lifestyle content with an upbeat, optimistic attitude, touching on physical and emotional well-being, food, beauty, real-women’s stories, news, travel and finances.” The statement also described the planned magazine as a “positive celebration of life” that will reflect Dr. Oz’s, quote, “unique persona.” Hearst is looking to build on the success it’s had with the TV-to-magazine model with Food Network Magazine and HGTV Magazine.

Colorado Civil Rights Division: Transgender Girl Has Right to Use Girls’ Bathroom at School

The Colorado Civil Rights Division ruled Monday (June 24th) that a transgender six-year-old girl must be allowed to use the girls’ bathroom at school, a decision that Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund executive director Michael Silverman called a, quote, “watershed moment for transgender civil rights.” The ruling was the first in the nation to say that transgender students must be allowed to use bathrooms that match the gender with which they identify. The decision comes after a discrimination complaint was filed by the parents of Coy Mathis, who was diagnosed as being transgender at age 4, against the Fountain-Forest Carson School District. Mathis’ elementary school wouldn’t let her use the girls’ bathroom, offering the use of the nurse’s or teachers’ bathrooms instead. Mathis’ parents objected, saying that setting Coy apart that way would set her up for harassment and bullying, and began homeschooling her. The Civil Rights Division agreed, with the decision saying, “Telling [Coy] that she must disregard her identity while performing one of the most essential human functions constitutes severe and pervasive mistreatment, and creates an environment that is . . . hostile, intimidating or offensive.”

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