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by Gino on June 28, 2013

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A little Good News For Paula Deen

Paula Deen  supporters are buying up the TV chef’s cookbooks, pushing the author to the top of the Amazon’s bestseller list. Deen’s newest book, Paula Deen’s New Testament, won’t be released until October 15, but it is currently the No. 1 best-selling book on and has been one of the 15 most popular books on the site for the past four days.

Beer…  Bottle Or Glass?

‘Tis the season for drinking beer. And while summer time often means slamming your hand into an icy cooler and popping the top on a cold can or bottle, for peak pleasure consider drinking only bottled beer that’s been poured into a glass. The beer experts say much of the taste comes from the aroma and if you drink from the bottle, you won’t be able to take in the aroma as well.  … But don’t chill the glasses in the freezer. When the ice crystals melt they add water to the beer and can dilute the flavor.

Some Feel The Shark Week Promo Is Offensive

A new ad that was released this week to promote Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has been creating a bit of controversy. According to the Hollywood Reporter, some people are offended by the ad’s depiction of the grizzly death of a seal.

The commercial was made as a fake news story showing Snuffy the Seal being released back into the ocean after being nursed back to health by humans. As Snuffy is being lowered into the ocean, a shark jumps out of the water and eats him as people look on in horror. The ad ends with the tagline, “It’s a bad week to be a seal. For the rest of us it’s pretty awesome.” Viewers on Discovery’s YouTube channel where the video was posted are having mixed reactions with some finding it hilarious and others saying it is in poor taste and flat-out disgusting.

  • Shark Week begins on August 4th.

Forbe’s Most Powerful Actresses For 2013

Forbes has released their annual list of the most powerful actress’ in Hollywood. The list consists of some of the industry’s biggest names but the ranking comes as a bit of a surprise.

Though Angelina Jolie taking the top spot and Jennifer Lawrence taking number two may seem like a given, Jennifer Aniston and Kristen Stewart beating out the likes of award-winners Meryl Streep, Charlize Theron, and Sandra Bullock for the third and fourth spots is not as expected. The magazine explains, “Thanks to Friends, Aniston would be fine if she never worked another day in her life. Instead, she’s mostly doing movies that appeal to her artistic side, not necessarily her bank account. The actress takes pay cuts to appear in films like Horrible Bosses and We’re the Millers. She still earns big from her deals with Vitamin Water and Aveeno skin care and she’s never out of the press. Her recent engagement to actor Justin Theroux was one of the biggest tabloid stories of 2012.”

  • Hugh Jackman earned the top spot on the Most Powerful Actors list.

The Top Ten:

#10 Sandra Bullock
#9 Mila Kunis
#8 Charlize Theron
#7 Emma Stone
#6 Meryl Streep
#5 Gwyneth Paltrow
#4 Kristen Stewart
#3 Jennifer Aniston
#2 Jennifer Lawrence
#1 Angelina Jolie

Space Shuttle Exhibit At Kennedy Space Center Opens This Weekend

An exhibit dedicated to the 30-year U.S. space shuttle program is opening to the public on Saturday (June 29th) at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, with the shuttle Atlantis as its centerpiece. More than 40 astronauts who flew on Atlantis during its 33 missions will take part in the grand opening Saturday. The shuttle is displayed in the exhibit tilted at an angle to give it the appearance of being in flight in orbit. The exhibit also features a life-size replica of the Hubble Space Telescope and images of the International Space Station beamed on the wall. Atlantis, which was the final shuttle to fly, touching down on July 21, 2011, to end the shuttle program, is also the last of the three surviving shuttles to go on public display.

Two Sisters Arrested For DUI…  In The Same Car!

Two Miami sisters were charged with driving under the influence at the same time in the same car. Steffany and Vanessa Miranda were both arrested last Saturday (June 23rd) when a deputy spotted their Volkswagon swerving, increasing and decreasing speeds and braking suddenly. Steffany was behind the wheel when the deputy tried to pull them over but the sisters stopped in the middle of the road and proceeded to switch seats. Both were arrested and charged with DUI. (New York Daily News)

Crazy Ants Wreaking Havoc In The South

“Crazy ants” first appeared in the U.S. in 2002 and have become more of a menace in recent years. The ants reproduce very quickly– faster than other species of ants– and often swarm inside electronic devices. The ants have been found inside of air conditioners, and farm equipement such as pumps. The crazy ants sometimes even destroy the electronic devices. Researchers explain that the ants choose electronics devices because they are constantly looking for cavities to next in, and unlike most other ants, they don’t dig their own holes and tunnels. The ants have been spreading in many areas along the Gulf Coast, particularly Texas and Florida. (Yahoo)

Weirdest Giveaway Ever — Minor League Baseball Team Awarding Free Funeral

Minor league baseball teams have all kinds of fun giveaways and events to get fans out to the ballpark. But one Pennsylvania team has come up with possibly the weirdest giveaway ever, planning to award a free funeral to one lucky fan at an upcoming game. The Yahoo! Sports blog ThePostGame reports that The Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Triple-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies, will be giving out one $10,000 funeral or memorial package during the August 20th game, which they’re calling a “Celebration of Life.” The package includes a casket, embalming or cremation, the services of a funeral director and staff, a hearse and facility for funeral services, a headstone and a spray of flowers for the casket. To register, fans are asked to submit an essay of 200 words or less describing their ideal funeral and why they deserve it. IronPigs General Manager Kurt Landes is calling it a “once-in-a-lifetime giveaway” and “the most highly-coveted ‘out-of-the-box’ promotion in IronPigs history.”

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