Celebrity Sleaze for Wednesday 7.3.13

by Gino on July 3, 2013

in Celebrity Sleaze

TOM HANKS WELCOMES ANOTHER GRANDCHILD: Tom Hanks‘ son, actor Colin Hanks, and his wife, Samantha Bryant, recently welcomed their second child. Hanks told People, “Ms. Charlotte Bryant Hanks has decided to join us. She’s as happy and healthy as we are overjoyed and tired.”

MARIE OSMOND’S TALK SHOW CANCELED: The Hallmark Channel has decided not to greenlight a second season of Marie Osmond‘s talk show, Marie. In a statement, the network said, “With so many talk show offerings in the daytime, particularly in broadcast syndication, Hallmark Channel has decided not to greenlight a second season of its Critics Choice Award nominated talk show.” The show was only on for one season.

FRED ARMISEN CONFIRMS ‘SNL’ EXIT: Fred Armisen is leaving Saturday Night Live after 11 years. The actor wants to devote more time to his IFC sketch comedy show, Portlandia.

‘FALLING SKIES’ RENEWED FOR FOURTH SEASON: TNT has announced that it has renewed Falling Skies for a fourth season. The show ranked as the Number One scripted series among adults ages 18-49 and 25-54.

‘BACHELOR’ STAR PUSHES BACK WEDDING: Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have decided to put their wedding on hold. A source said, “I would say it’s more likely to happen in 2014, not 2013.”

ALEC BALDWIN VOWS TO NEVER TWEET AGAIN: Alec Baldwin tells Vanity Fair that he will never tweet again. The actor explained, “I went to Jimmy Gandolfini‘s funeral and when I was there I realized Jimmy Gandolfini didn’t have Twitter . . . Jimmy Gandolfini was so beloved as a person, and he was so admired as an actor, and he didn’t give a heck about social media.”

ROBERT PATTINSON IS MOVING ON NICELY: Robert Pattinson was recently spotted out with Riley Keough and according to a source, he “is in a good place.” According to the source, Pattinson, who was spotted out at a Beyonce concert, “Rob is just enjoying hanging and chilling with friends at this point in his life.”

LINDSAY LOHAN CELEBRATES 27TH BIRTHDAY WITH HER LAWYER: Lindsay Lohan was denied permission to leave her rehab facility on Tuesday, July 2nd, for her 27th birthday. Lohan was also barred from having family and friends visit as Sundays are visiting day but she was able to get a visit from her lawyer, Shawn Holley.

EVAN ROSS AND ASHLEE SIMPSON DATING?: Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross were spotted hanging out on Monday, July 1st, in West Hollywood. They were spotted leaving Teddy’s Nightclub later that night.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD WANTS ON TO THE WALKING DEAD: She tells Marie Claire, “We have The Walking Dead nights on the tour bus. At one point in Pittsburgh we didn’t get satellite reception, so we asked the driver if he could drive us around for an hour. I’m a fan. I’m just waiting for the offer. I could be a zombie.”

Katie Couric wants her show to be taken seriously. A source tells the NY Daily News, “If there is one thing Katie hates more than being called ‘perky,’ it’s being called ‘tabloid’. She thinks of herself as a serious journalist, covering stories that make a difference. She’s fighting this. Couric has made it clear she wants to be taken seriously at work, and at the studio she has even made fun of our culture’s obsession with celebrity. Katie comes from a world of TV journalists that think appealing to the lowest common denominator — celebrity — is cheap. Jerry Springer-type TV is not something she is interested in. Anderson Cooper vowed to do the same. He hated covering gossip. He even refused to say the name ‘Paris Hilton’ on TV, and look what happened to his daytime TV show — it got canceled.”

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