Morning Show Fun For Wednesday 7.24.13

by Gino on July 24, 2013

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German DJ Flula Honors The New Royal With A Song

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Man PhotoBombs Proposal Pic

A man accidentally wandered into a couple’s wedding proposal photo in Disney World. The poorly timed photograph racked up nearly a quarter-of-a-million views on reddit in under 24 hours.

Bigger Screens For Apple Products

Apple says it is testing larger screens for iPhones and tablets. Apple has been working with its Asian suppliers in recent months to develop prototype smartphone screens larger than four-inches and a tablet screen slightly less than 13-inches. Apple usually tests different designs for its products as it refines them during development, but there’s no word from the company if the larger screens will ever become available. Just last year the company offered larger screen sizes for both the iPhone and the iPod. (Fox)

Some Spray Sunscreens Are Flamable

U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials warn that certain spray suncreens may ignite if they get too close to a flame. The F-D-A says some suncreen spray products contain flammable ingredients such as alcohol which will ignite if they get close to an open flame. Lead medical officer at the F-D-A, Dr. Narayan Nair says they know of five incidents in which burns occurred after sunscreen spray had been applied, and the ignition sources varied from lighting a cigarette from standing too close to a grill or citronella candle. Nair says, “Based on this information, we recommend that after you have applied a sunscreen spray labeled as flammable, you consider avoiding being near an open flame, sparks or an ignition source.” (UPI)

The New ‘Rich’

Maybe being “rich” really is a matter of attitude, or at least of opinion. Financial services company UBS asked their clients how much money they would have to have in order to consider themselves “wealthy.” The answer, most said, is $5 million, and at least $1 million of that has to be in cold cash, not investments or possessions. The survey of 4,450 investors found that 60 percent of those who had $5 million or more considered themselves wealthy, but only 28 percent of those with assets between $1 million and $5 million would call themselves that. How do they define “wealthy?” Half said it means “no financial constraints on activities.” Only 16 percent said they defined it strictly as any particular number. And, only 10 percent said it meant never having to work again.

Lance Armstrong Aims for a Comeback

After lying low for months, disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is back in the public eye. He attended the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa on Monday, and talked to the event’s sponsor, the Des Moines Register. He told the paper he knew his story was “a polarizing topic” for some. As a cancer survivor and founder of the charity Livestrong, he was a hero to many. After years of lying, Armstrong admitted in January to using performance-enhancing drugs to fuel his victories in the Tour de France. He was stripped of his seven titles.

No More Junior Tacos

Taco Bell is the latest fast-food chain to abandon special kid’s meals. The special food and toy combos will disappear from its menus by next year, the chain said. Health advocates applauded the move, or at least the decision to stop packaging toys with fast food so that kids will nag their parents for more. But they also expressed concern that kids will wind up eating more of the bad stuff, by substituting adult-size meals.

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