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by Gino on August 13, 2013

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A New iPhone Less Than A Month Away?

Apple is thought to be planning the release of two new phones on 10 September, including a much-anticipated cheaper iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5C.  As well as an incremental update to the current iPhone 5, expected to include fingerprint-detecting technology, the iPhone 5C would be Apple’s first lower-end phone. Historically, Apple has fulfilled the needs of the low-end market by offering previous years’ models at cut-down prices.  Industry suppliers have been told to expect the new device in mid-September, but a leak to news site All Things D claimed the launch is set for 10 September.


Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk yesterday (August 12th) unveiled his idea for a “Hyperloop” super-fast transportation system that would be able to take people between L.A. and San Francisco in 30 minutes, half the time its takes to fly. Passengers would sit in car-sized capsules that would float on air inside large tubes as they travel at over 700 miles per hour. The air transporting the capsules would be sucked by a powerful fan at the front end and pushed out at the back. Musk, whose successful resume includes co-founding Pay Pal, electric carmaker Tesla Motors and rocket-building company SpaceX, said, however, that he’s too focused on other projects to actually consider building the Hyperloop. But he’s publishing an open-source design so that anyone can use it, modify it and build the Hyperloop if they want too.

Tests In 1912 Were REALLY Hard

A 1912 eighth grade exam from Kentucky was unearthed from the Bullit County History Museum. The exam covers everything from spelling to geography. The test that is extremely difficult by modern standards asked students to differentiate between copyright and patent rights.(UPI)

We’d Rather Be In Debt Than Fat

A new survey from Credit Karma finds that people would rather keep their figures trim than be debt free. Researchers surveyed 2,021 U.S. adults and found that 38-percent of women and 49 percent of men agreed with the statement “how much I weigh is more important than how much debt I have.” However, when asked to choose beetween obesity and brankruptcy, 62-percent said they would prefer to be obese, but free from debt. The survey found that on average, 64-percent of those surveyed said they thought about their physical appearance more than their debt. (UPI)

Poll: 80 Percent of New Yorkers Don’t Like Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner is still in the New York City mayoral race, but a new Siena College poll out Monday (August 12th) shows that at this point, his campaign is pretty much just a hopeless exercise in ego. The survey found that a whopping 80 percent of New York voters have an unfavorable opinion of the former Democratic congressman, the worst showing the Siena poll has ever found for any politician. Ironically, the previous holder of the dubious record was former Governor Eliot Spitzer — who’s now running for city comptroller — who was rated unfavorably by 79 percent of voters after his 2008 resignation over a prostitution scandal. Weiner shot to the front of the mayoral field after he announced his campaign earlier this summer, but when it was revealed that he’d continued to sext with random women online even after his previous sexting scandal forced his resignation from Congress two years earlier, he plummeted in the polls. The Siena survey also found that 68 percent of New York voters think Weiner’s and Spitzer’s campaigns are an embarrassment.

Family Claims Teen Denied Transplant Over Bad Grades, Trouble with the Law

The family of a 15-year-old Georgia boy is charging that he’s being denied a heart transplant because he’s had poor grades and trouble with the law. Doctors had told Anthony Stokes’ family that he has less than six months to live because of an enlarged heart, but that he can’t be put on the transplant list because of a history of non-compliance. Stokes’ mother, Melencia Hamilton, told local station WSB-TV, “They said they don’t have any evidence that he would take his medicine or that he would go to his follow-ups.” Doctors didn’t specify the reason for that belief, but family friends told WSB-TV that they’ve been told it’s in part because of Stokes’ grades and legal run-ins. Family friend Mack Major told the station, “The non-compliance is fabricating, because they don’t want to give him a heart.” Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where Stokes is receiving treatment, said in a statement, “We are continuing to work with this family and looking at all options regarding this patient’s health care. We follow very specific criteria in determining eligibility for a transplant of any kind.”

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