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by Gino on August 16, 2013

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RYAN MURPHY SAYS ‘GLEE’ WON’T KILL OFF FINN WITH DRUGS: Glee creator Ryan Murphy has revealed that even though they considered it, writers for the show ultimately decided not to kill off Cory Monteith’s character with a drug overdose. He explained, “Basically, what we’re doing in the episode is we are not telling you yet, or maybe not at all, how that character died. The idea being, how somebody died is interesting and maybe morbid, but we say very early on in the episode, ‘This episode is about a celebration of that character’s life.’ That might be weird for some people, but it felt really exploitative to do it any other way.”

NBC TO STAGE ‘DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ REUNION: NBC will have a mini Desperate Housewives reunion when Eva Longoria appears on the new fall comedy Welcome to the Family which star Eva’s on-screen husband Ricardo Chavira. The actress will play the English teacher of the son of Ricardo’s character who also shares a romantic history with him. The role reportedly came about when Chavira called Eva personally to make an appearance. The series premieres on October 3rd.

ANDY COHEN BOYCOTTS HOSTING GIG FOR MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT: Bravo personality Andy Cohen has turned down an invitation to return as host for the 2013 Miss Universe pageant due to safety concerns about traveling to Russia following President Vladimir Putin’s recent implementation of anti-gay laws. Andy explained to E! News correspondent and former pageant co-host Giuliana Rancic , “Their discriminatory policies make it unsafe for the gays who live there and gays coming to work or visit. The law is that anyone under suspicion of homosexuality can be arrested. I didn’t feel right as a gay man stepping foot into Russia.” The event is scheduled to be held at Crocus City Hall in Moscow on November 9th.

LAURA PREPPON MAY BE LEAVING ‘ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK’: Rumors hit the web on Thursday (August 15th) that Laura Preppon would not be returning as a series regular for the upcoming second season of the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. A rep for Netflix called the story “not accurate” but according to Buzzfeed, Prepon will be returning only to tie up her storyline but things will be left open for a return in the future. The second season of the show is currently being filmed in New York.

ED HELMS BRINGING NEW SITCOM TO ABC: The Office star Ed Helms is executive producing a new untitled comedy for ABC about “a brilliant, strong-willed attorney who loses her fiancé and job at the city’s top law firm and takes up with the scrappy, rival firm of misfits across the street.” The pilot is being written by Mike Arnold — a writer for the FX animated series Archer.

SCOTT DISICK WINS PATERNITY TEST: The lab results are in from the paternity test that male model Michael Girgenti demanded for Kourtney Kardashian’s son Mason. It has been proven that Scott Disick is Mason’s father. Kourtney responded to the news to E! saying, “After three-and-a-half years of rumors and lies being spread by an individual I met briefly at a photo shoot, I am setting the record straight that Scott is Mason’s father. While it saddens me to have to address these ridiculous lies — especially when the truth was never in doubt — this story must be put to rest.”

WWE WRESTLER DARREN YOUNG COMES OUT: WWE star Darren Young has become the first openly gay wrestler in the history of the organization. The 33-year-old responded to a question from a TMZ cameraman about whether a gay wrestler could comfortably work in the WWE saying, “Absolutely. Look at me. I’m a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I’ll tell you right now, I’m gay. And I’m happy. I’m very happy. I’m happy with who I am. I’m comfortable with myself. I’m happy to be living the dream. I’m happy with myself. It’s very important to me that people see that someone’s sexual preference shouldn’t really matter.”

‘THAT ’70S SHOW’ STAR LISA ROBIN KELLY DEAD AT 43: Lisa Robin Kelly, best known for playing Topher Grace’s older sister on That 70’s Show, passed away in her sleep on Wednesday (August 14th.) She was 43 years old. Her agent told E! News, “Lisa had voluntarily checked herself into a treatment facility early this week where she was battling the addiction problems that have plagued her these past few years. I spoke to her on Monday and she was hopeful and confident, looking forward to putting this part of her life behind her. Last night she lost the battle. Cause of death has not been issued yet and no death certificate has been issued either.”

JESSICA ALBA ADMITS TO HER FLAWS: Sin City star Jessica Alba is on the cover of Women’s Health UK’s Fall issue where she openly admits her flaws. She tells the magazine, “I have a brutally short attention span. It means I’m useless at working out. I get so bored. I have cellulite and stretch marks — and I have a muffin top!” The actress also discusses her eating habits saying, “I started cooking for myself at 12 because a lot of food my family ate was processed. I wanted fresh. I eliminated microwave foods, things with too much salt, and tried to eat more natural food, things that were cooked in a kitchen as opposed to a factory.”

SHAILENE WOODLEY TO DONATE HAIR TO CHARITY: Divergent star Shailene Woodley is about to shave her head to play a teenager with cancer in the film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars and she has decided to donate the hair to Children with Hair Loss — an organization that provides human-hair replacements to kids who’ve experienced hair loss due to various medical conditions. The news was broken on Tumblr by the book’s author John Green. He is encouraging her fans to show their support by using hashtags “hairforhazel” or “itgrowsback.”

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