Celebrity Sleaze for Friday 9.6.13

by Gino on September 6, 2013

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CATHERINE ZETA-JONES IS STILL WEARING HER WEDDING RING: Only a few days after Michael Douglas assured reporters that he is still very much a married man, Catherine Zeta-Jones was photographed on Wednesday (September 4th) wearing her wedding ring in Connecticut. This may be a sign that she is also still committed to making their relationship work. It was revealed last week that the two have decided to take some time apart after 13 years of marriage.

BETHENNY FRANKEL SAYS IT’S TOO SOON TO THINK ABOUT MARRYING AGAIN: With her divorce still in negotiations, Bethenny Frankel reveals in the October issue of Redbook that she is not sure she’d want to get married again. She explains, “I don’t know that I would get remarried. It’s too soon to think about. But I’d listen to my gut. All through reality television, being honest, saying what’s on my mind — that was my gut.”

DAKOTA FANNING IS DATING A 32-YEAR-OLD MALE MODEL: 19-year-old Dakota Fanning appears to be in a relationship with 32-year-old male model Jamie Strachan. The pair were spotted together back in May and have been spending a lot of time together recently. They attended the U.S. Open together and were later photographed strolling through Manhattan holding hands.

SARAH SILVERMAN MOURNS THE DEATH OF HER DOG: Sarah Silverman posted an obituary to her WhoSay page for her dog, Duck, who passed away this week at the age of 19. Though Sarah manages to work in some humorous lines throughout the piece, it is mostly an emotional tribute to the time she spent with the pet whom she adopted from a no-kill shelter when he was around five and a half. Read it here: http://bit.ly/17BW6Bp

ARE MILA KUNIS AND ASHTON KUTCHER ENGAGED?: Rumors are circulating that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are engaged after Mila was photographed wearing a gold band on her ring finger while walking around L.A. on Wednesday (September 4th.) A source told People that Ashton was talking about popping the question at Kunis’ 30th birthday party back on August 14th. The source revealed, “He knows what they have is amazing and special. He’s been thinking about proposing for a long time. They are clearly very much in love, in tune with each other and so comfortable. In some ways, it’s like they’re married already.”

ALEC BALDWIN CONFIRMED FOR MSNBC SHOW: NBC has confirmed that Alec Baldwin will be returning to television by hosting a show on MSNBC called Up Late With Alec Baldwin. The show will air Fridays at 10 PM starting in October.

FIRST PICS OF AMBER TAMBLYN ON ‘TWO AND A HALF MEN’: CBS has released the first photos of Amber Tamblyn playing the lesbian daughter of Charlie Sheen’s deceased character. Amber is rumored to be the replacement for Angus T. Jones who will no longer be a series regular on the long-running series. Ashton Kutcher told Extra back in August, “She’s just amazing! I’ve been working with her all week, and I’m beyond excited.” Check out the pics: http://bit.ly/13kMCsZ , http://bit.ly/17CnVd5 , http://bit.ly/162QWho

MATT BOMER RESPONDS TO ‘FIFTY SHADES OF GREY’ FANS: Matt Bomer has expressed his support for the casting of Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie despite fans rallying to have them replaced with Matt and Alexis Bledel. Bomer told ET Online on Thursday (September 5th,) “So grateful for the fans and touched. Looking forward to seeing the movie with Charlie and Dakota.”

ED O’NEILL ALMOST LOST HIS ROLE ON ‘MODERN FAMILY’: Ed O’Neill recently revealed to E! Online that he almost lost his role on Modern Family to Parenthood’s Craig T. Nelson. Ed said, “When I read it I thought, ‘Oh boy, this is pretty good. And I called my manager and he said, ‘Well, they’re out to Craig T. Nelson.'” Casting director Jeff Greenberg further explained, “And so the first offer went out to Craig and we couldn’t make a deal. He wanted to do it, but financially we were just too apart.”

‘TERMINATOR 5’ GETS A DIRECTOR: Acclaimed television director Alan Taylor is reportedly in negotiations to direct the fifth Terminator film. According to Variety, Alan beat out Ang Lee and Rian Johnson for the task. He also directed the upcoming sequel Thor: The Dark World. Terminator 5 is rumored to be kicking off a new trilogy for the franchise.

Feldman Birthday Fiasco

Former child star Corey Feldman has issued a press release to say that he felt bullied by the media backlash over the lingerie birthday party that he threw back in August to commemorate the 42nd birthday of River Phoenix. The statement expresses that Corey has a lot to celebrate and be happy about right now and that the strong criticism over the party he hosted is no different than the bullying that happens in schools, homes, professional environments, and online.

Corey said, “Unfortunately, we have grown into a society whose belief system holds to bring down rather than to build up.” He added, “It takes a lot of balls to put yourself out there in the hot seat, so I encourage everyone to not be afraid of what others will say or think. Move forward and ignore the haters.”

  • A number of anti-bullying advocates have called out Corey for trying to cry bully in this situation. One expert said, “This is horrible! I can’t believe that Corey would utilize such a serious issue to gain traction for his ‘comeback.’ If this is what I think it is, Corey should be ashamed and every national bullying organization should demand he apologize.” Another weighed in saying, “Anyone using the public eye for their personal gain is going to be subjected to criticism. Not everyone has to like the material released, and for Mr. Feldman, it is simply an occupational hazard.”
  • Corey’s party at his “Feldmansion” featured scantily clad women that the actor refers to as “Corey’s Angels” with posters from his movies covering the walls of the home. There was free entry for women and a $250 charge for men to attend.

Valerie Harper Talks Dancing With The Stars

When the new cast of Dancing With the Stars was announced earlier this week, many people questioned if it iss a good idea for Valerie Harper to participate considering her diagnosis with terminal cancer earlier this year. Although her doctors have come out and said that her health has dramatically increased lately, Valerie is adamant that she will continue to live in the now no matter how much time she has left.

The 74-year-old told Us Weekly, “Listen, getting up off your bum at any time is good. It’s better than sitting. I don’t mean you go out like a crazy rat, maniacally, I just mean you’re moving through your life and dance is great. I missed it. It’s a great way to be in the moment, and with this kind of dancing, it’s a new kind of challenge for me, and that’s exciting.” She continued, “I just feel so in the moment, so in this moment, so present. Anybody who’s not living their life — I hope to inspire them. You’ve heard cancer people say it before — that they were lucky to get it because they were living more fully than ever before.”

  • Valerie’s dancing partner, Tristan McManus, added, “She’s just such a force of nature. She’s doing amazingly well.”
  • In addition to her stint on Dancing With the Stars, Harper has a new TV movie coming out called The Town That Came A-Courtin’.

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