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by Gino on September 10, 2013

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They Will Make A TV Show About Anything…

King of Thrones premieres tonight (9p ET, Destination America).  It focuses on extreme bathroom renovations. In the premiere, the designers are asked to create a mobile porta-potty for frozen lake ice fishing.

Breaking Bad Fan Sues Apple

Some fans complained when they realized that buying a “season pass” to download the fifth season of the TV show Breaking Bad only entitles them to download the first half of the fifth season. One viewer has taken this a step further, suing Apple. Everyone’s calling the 8 episodes from last year and the 8 from this year “season 5” — and those ordering it on iTunes assumed all 16 episodes were part of the season pass.  A doctor from Ohio is serving as the plaintiff in a class action for “similarly situated” customers who subscribed to the show through iTunes.

Jimmy Kimmel Pranked Us

Newly Discovered Van Gogh
The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam on Monday (September 9th) announced the discovery of a newly-identified painting by Dutch master Vincent van Gogh, a landscape called Sunset at Montmajour. Van Gogh is believed to have completed the painting in 1888, two years before he killed himself at age 37 after years of mental illness. Museum director Axel Ruger said that it was done during, quote, “a period that is considered by many to be the culmination of h is artistic achievement.” The painting depicts a landscape near Arles in the south of France, where van Gogh was working at the time. Ruger said the museum attributed the work to van Gogh after extensive research, and that it will reveal the full story behind its discovery in the October edition of the fine art publication, The Burlington Magazine.

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