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by Gino on September 13, 2013

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Getting An iPhone 5S For The Added Security?  Watch Out For This…

If you’re planning on buying the new iPhone 5S and also happen to have mischievous children or a nosy girlfriend, we have a piece of advice for you: don’t fall asleep. This funny prank photo posted on Reddit illustrates the perils of snoozing around your new device, not to mention a pretty significant flaw in the new fingerprint technology security system. The newest Apple phones boast a “touch ID” that uses the owner’s fingerprint to unlock the phone when they swipe it on the pad. The only glitch? Your fingers are always with you, even when you’re not fully conscious. Can someone get this girl a job in quality assurance?

Real Life Version Of “Up”

Jonathan Trappe has moved on from his “Up” phase into “away.” Despite heavy fog, the IT manager took off just after dawn from Caribou, Maine, on a flight he hopes will carry him 2,500 miles in the first attempt to fly the Atlantic on cluster balloons. He’s being kept aloft by 370 helium-filled orbs, and using the data supplied by the same weather adviser who assisted Felix Baumgartner on his skydive from space. But it’s an iffy proposition. Winds could take him anywhere from Iceland to Morocco, and rather than traveling in an office chair secured to the balloons, his carriage this time is a lifeboat, in case he doesn’t make it all the way across.

Friday The 13th A Very Safe Day To Drive

A new survey by Chill Insurance reveals that there is a 14% decrease in car accidents on Friday the 13th. Research also shows car crashes are no more common on Friday the 13th, than on any other day of the week, or any other Friday in the year. Researchers say drivers may actually drive more carefully on Friday the 13th because they are scared of bad luck and crashing.

Pumpkin Spice M&Ms Make Their Debut

Fall is almost here and that means it’s time for the return of all things pumpkin, the food flavor trend that began a decade ago with Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte and has picked up speed in recent years, showing no sign of slowing down. One of the newest entries this year is pumpkin spice M&Ms, which are being sold exclusively at Target and come in the autumn colors of orange, brown and green. This follows other recent non-traditional flavors M&Ms has introduced, including dark chocolate mint, peanut butter, raspberry, candy corn and white chocolate carrot cake.

Google Chrome Plug-in Will Help Rid Your Life of Miley Cyrus

Have you had enough of Miley Cyrus and her transparent blitz of in-your-face sexuality as she tries to leave her Disney past behind? Well, a new plug-in for Google’s Chrome browser called “No Cyrus” will block any mention of, quote, “Miley Cyrus, twerking and her other ridiculous words,” according to the developer. The plug-in scans any pages loaded into your browser and removes the Cyrus-related keywords by replacing them with a series of hashtags. A similar plug-in was previously created for those who wanted to scrub mentions of Chris Brown from their pages, as well as his pictures.

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