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by Gino on September 18, 2013

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What Do You Spend Your Money On?

New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics gives a breakdown of how Americans spend their money, revealing, unsurprisingly, that housing is the biggest cost. The full breakdown:

  • Housing, 33 percent
  • Transportation, 17 percent
  • Food, 13 percent
  • Insurance, etc., 11 percent
  • Health care, 7 percent
  • All other expenditures, 7 percent
  • Entertainment, 5 percent
  • Cash contributions, 4 percent
  • Apparel and services, 3 percent

Tonnes Of Germs On Your Cellphone

New research finds that touch screens on smartphones and tablets can often contain more harmful bacteria than toilet seats. A consumer group did the research and says that the average swab of a touchscreen had a count of 600 units of staphylococcus aureus bacteria which can cause vomiting and diarrhea, while the average toilet seat swab had less than 20 units of the same bacteria. Additionally the touchscreens were found to have more enterobacteria, which can include strains of E. coli and salmonella, than toilet seats. Researchers say the findings indicate that people need to wash their hands more often. (Daily Mail)

Dennis Rodman Plays Off Kim Jong Un Friendship in Ad for Pistachios

Is it possible that Dennis Rodman has been cozying up to North Korea’s totalitarian leader, Kim Jong Un, as a stunt for some work in commercials? Some might be inclined to think that after seeing the former NBA star’s new ad for Wonderful Pistachios. In it, Rodman, whose hair is dyed pistachio green, says that the nuts are the secret to world peace, before gets nuked by a Kim Jong Un look-a-like. An announcer then reads the tagline — “Dennis Rodman does it because he’s nuts.”

Carnival Offering Money-Back Guarantee If Passengers Don’t Like Their Cruise

Carnival Cruise Lines has announced a new 110 percent guarantee that passengers will love their cruise or their money will be refunded and they’ll be able to go home at the company’s expense. The Great Vacation Guarantee lets passengers get off the ship early and gives them a 110 percent refund, with Carnival also offering to fly unhappy customers home for free. However, to take advantage of the guarantee, passengers have to notify guest services of their dissatisfaction with the cruise within the first 24 hours of boarding the ship. The guarantee is valid on all three- to eight-day cruises through April 2015. The new policy comes after a spate of bad publicity because of trouble on Carnival ships. In February, the Carnival Triumph was adrift at sea for five days without power or working toilets after an engine room fire, and then just a few weeks later, the Carnival Dream had generator problems while docked in St. Maarten, and its passengers had to be flown home.

NASA Will Pay Volunteers $10K to Lie in Bed for 70 Days

If you’d like to make $10,000 without even having to get out of bed, NASA is looking for volunteers to remain lying down for 70 days in return for that amount of cash. The space agency is studying the effect on the human body of microgravity, the very small force of gravity that makes astronauts bounce around seemingly weightless in space. The volunteers lie in bed for 70 days with their bodies positioned so they’re tilted downward with their head lower than their feet in order to mimic the effects of microgravity, and are only allowed to get out of bed when scientists test the body’s responses. There are side effects to laying in that position for 70 days — fluids settle in the face, causing bloating, people tend to grow slightly taller because their spines aren’t being compressed by gravity, and bones lose density and become brittle from lack of use.

The Newest Flavor Of Oreos?  Cookie Flavor!

Nabisco has both delighted and horrified us by releasing a number of flavored Oreos, including watermelon and candy corn (not to mention mint, peanut butter, strawberry and that limited-edition birthday cake variety). But their newest “new” variety has left us scratching our heads with our crumb and cream-filling covered hands. The latest Oreo iteration is … Cookies n’ Creme, which sounds like they’re just repackaging Oreo-flavored Oreos, right? By their nature, Oreos are two cookies with creme filling, and these Oreos are two cookies with cookies and crème filling — and ow, does anyone else’s brain hurt right now? And also, where can we buy some of these?

People Will Collect ANYTHING!

Here’s proof that some people will collect damn near anything!!!  Before you rub the wrinkles out of that dollar bill and shove it into a vending machine, you might want to check out the serial number. There are collectors out there who will pay ridiculous amounts of money for certain combinations of those Federal Reserve-assigned eight digits. Dave Undis, a serial obsessive (literally) who runs the website, says that collectors will look for anything from “ladders” (numbers in sequence) to “solids” (like 22222222 or the reportedly lucky 88888888) to numbers that reflect important dates (such as 07041776), and these bills can sell for up to $1,000 each. It doesn’t even matter what denomination it is in the first place. “If you look at a dollar bill, the number can just jump out at you,” Undis told the Boston Globe. “You see something [special] and your head says you just gotta have it.”

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