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by Gino on September 20, 2013

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Some People Are Easily Impressed

When Do Guys “Give Up”?

If your hubby has been letting himself go a bit lately, here’s why — men give up trying to be trendy and cool at the age of 46.  Most say they’re not in great shape anymore and have stopped worrying about how they look, and a third of guys could care less about the health implications of what they eat.

Nicholas Cage Pillow Cases?

There are approximately 47 different Nicolas Cage pillowcases on-sale at Amazon. That is one more than Tom Cruise, who has 46 pillowcases for sale. Some notable celebrities without their image on pillowcases are Leonardo Dicaprio and Vin Diesel. Brad Pit is only on one pillowcase, but that is a three faced

“Freshmen Fifteen” Might Be A Myth

A new study finds that the myth about students gaining 15 pounds during their first year of college may be a myth. To find this, researchers from Ohio State weighed college students periodically, and they found that men and women typically gain about three-pounds freshman year, and that fewer than ten-percent of freshmen gained 15 pounds or more. The study found that students typically gained weight slowly over time while they’re at college– researchers say women gained seven to nine pounds between the first day of school and graduation, while men gained an average of 12 pounds. Researchers found that students who drank six or more drinks at least four days each month were generally a pound heavier than those who did not binge drink. Researchers say it’s likely the initial college weight gain is due to teen growth. (UPI)

New Device Prevents Texting While Driving

If you need serious help kicking your texting and driving habit, there’s now a product that may help you stop once and for all. It’s called Cellcontrol, and it’s a module that plugs into a vehicle’s OBD II diagnostic port. Cellcontrol captures driving data and works with a downloadable app on the user’s cellphone that will not allow the user to use the phone while the car is in motion. Settings for the product can be set up by a parent or administrator through a special, password protected website. Additionally, the unique product will allow the phone to completely work if it is passed to a passenger inside the vehicle. (Fox)

What Kind of Shows are Best for Live-Tweeting?

If you’ve ever tweeted about a TV show while watching it, you know that it can make the experience a lot more fun — but it works better with some kind of shows than others, and Yahoo! News’ Robert Walker decided to ask some media- and tech-savvy people their opinions about which kinds are best. Peter Kafka of AllThingsD said he thinks Twitter goes best with programming that he called “live and dumb” — meaning things like sports, live reality shows and presidential debates — which don’t, quote, “require lots of focus and/or may be improved by the sense that you’re throwing virtual brickbats/tomatoes at the screen with your friends.” David Carr of The New York Times had a similar idea, adding awards shows as another kind of programming that goes great with tweeting. He said, “The more mass, the more canned, the better, so awards shows are money when it comes to wise-cracking on Twitter.” But what most agreed doesn’t go well with Twitter are really good scripted shows like Breaking Bad. Carr said, “I would no more tweet than play ping-pong during a really good show.” My bond and loyalties in that instance is with the show, characters and storytellers, not the other people who are watching it.”

Court Says Judge Can’t Stay on the Bench and Be a Comedian Too

A part-time New Jersey municipal judge resigned yesterday (September 19th) after the state Supreme Court ruled that he couldn’t stay on the bench and also keep his other career as an established standup-comedian and actor, ruling that it was incompatible with judicial conduct codes. Vince Sicari told AP, “I’m not surprised by the result, but I’m very disappointed.” Several justices had questioned whether the public could separate Sicari’s position as a judge, where he handled things like traffic ticket cases and disorderly persons offenses, from roles he’s played, particularly on the ABC hidden camera show, What Would You Do, in which he’s portrayed racist and homophobic characters. They expressed similar concerns about his stand-up, in which he sometimes made jokes based on national origin and religion. Sicari’s attorney had argued that his client never joked on the bench or revealed that he was also a comic, and during his stand-up, he never joked about the legal profession or disclosed that he was a judge.

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