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by Gino on October 1, 2013

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CAMERON DIAZ SPOTTED OUT IN NYC WITH BENICIO DEL TORO: Cameron Diaz was photographed leaving the TAO Downtown Grand Opening bash with Benicio Del Toro in NYC on Saturday night (September 28th) sparking rumors that the pair might be dating. According to IMDB, they are also both attached to star in a new action film Century: Agent 21 which may explain why they are spending time together.. Katie Holmes, Sofia Vergara, and Gerard Butler also attended the party.

SIMON COWELL GIVES HEFTY DONATION TO HOMELESS MAN: Impending fatherhood appears to have made Simon Cowell a more charitable person. The X Factor judge was photographed driving in Santa Monica with Lauren Silverman when a homeless man approached the vehicle to ask for money. Simon reportedly handed the man a $100 bill before the light changed and they went on their way.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON THOUGHT HER CAREER WAS OVER BEFORE IT STARTED: Don Jon star Scarlett Johansson reveals to Darren Aronofsky in the October issue of Interview magazine that she was about ready to give up on her acting dream when she couldn’t get an agent as a child actor. She explains, “My brother did Little League, and I took acting and singing and tap and all that. There was someone in my older brother’s class who was doing some commercials and theatre, so my mom took me to that kid’s agent because I loved musicals. They didn’t want me, though. I was devastated. I thought it was the end of my career.” Scarlett went on to make her film debut in 1994 at age nine as John Ritter’s daughter in the 1994 film North.

AARON PAUL RAISES MONEY AT ‘BREAKING BAD’ FINALE PARTY: Aaron Paul and his wife raised $2 million for charity by throwing a Breaking Bad finale party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Sunday (September 29th) and a VIP after-party to celebrate the series on which he played troubled junkie Jesse Pinkman. The money raised went to benefit the Kind Campaign — a movement and school program that raises awareness about the problem of girl-against-girl crime and bullying. Aaron’s co-stars Bryan Cranston, RJ Mitte, Giancarlo Esposito, Jonathan Banks, and Robert Forster also attended the event.

LIAM HEMSWORTH’S LARGE BAR TAB IN NYC: Liam Hemsworth and friends including James Marsden reportedly raked up a $3,800 bar tab in NYC while partying at sports bar Ainsworth Park on Sunday (September 29th.) The group reportedly drank beers and Don Julio tequila while munching on beef and short rib sliders.


‘BREAKING BAD’ EARNS MASSIVE FINALE RATINGS: Over 10 million viewers tuned in to the finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad on Sunday night (September 29th.) The ratings were up 300 percent from last year’s season finale. Network president Charlie Collier released a statement on Monday (September 30th) saying, “Breaking Bad is simply unique. It all starts with Vince Gilligan who really only ever asked for one thing — the opportunity to end the show on his own terms. That is exactly what Vince did last night and, as always, brilliantly so. Congratulations to Vince and to every single person involved in this remarkable journey. We’re proud that AMC will forever be known as the birthplace and home of this iconic show and, at the same time, we tip our Heisenberg hat to the fans who made this a truly shared experience.”

DIANA’ BILLBOARD SPARKS OUTRAGE IN PARIS: A movie poster for the new Princess Diana biopic has sparked outrage in Paris for being positioned directly outside of the tunnel where the late royal died in a car crash back in 1997. Rosa Monckton, a friend of Diana’s, told the Daily Mail, “I really don’t have any words to describe how I feel about this cynical and shameless attempt to publicize a film that should never have been made. To have made a film so speculative and as this is disgusting enough, but to then advertise it on the spot at which she died is despicable. I cannot imagine that any company could stoop so low. It is a terrible intrusion into her memory, not to mention the lives of her sons, whose feelings are often forgotten in these stories. I would expect them to take it down right away.”

HUGH JACKMAN TO STAR IN ‘CHAPPIE’: Hugh Jackman has landed a role in the new film from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. The movie is called Chappie and tells the story of a man — played by Dev Patel — who lives in a slum in South Africa that is patrolled by a robotic police force. According to Deadline, Jackman will be playing the rival of Patel’s character.

NBC CALLS OFF HILLARY CLINTON MINI-SERIES: NBC has decided not to move forward with the Hillary Clinton mini-series that was to star Diane Lane as the former first lady. The network released a statement on Monday (September 30th) saying, “After reviewing and prioritizing our slate of movie/mini-series development, we’ve decided that we will no longer continue developing the Hillary Clinton miniseries.” There is no word on whether the project will be shopped at another network.

DISNEY IS DEVELOPING LIVE-ACTION CRUELLA DE VIL MOVIE: Disney has hired Aline Brosh McKenna to write a script for a live-action story about 101 Dalmatians villain Cruella de Vil to be produced by Andrew Gunn. Mckenna recently wrote the script for the company’s upcoming live-action Cinderella film. She was also responsible for adapting The Devil Wears Prada from book to screen.


Lena Dunham’s Email To Her Boyfriend

Girls creator Lena Dunham purposely leaked a private e-mail she sent to her Fun. singer boyfriend Jack Antonoff as part of a new project by artist Miranda July called “We Think Alone.” The love letter than Dunham chose to share was written back in October of 2012.

Lena wrote, “I was walking through a beautiful Indian garden this morning and passed a big green pond with a dozen disorderly swans. All the old people in my party were cooing about the swans but I was focused on this young couple, late teens or early twenties, curled up on a bench talking really animatedly. We spent 40 minutes walking around the garden and when we circled back they were still there, chatting like fiends. And I thought of you, like always, and I felt I could spend four days on a bench with you and it wouldn’t be enough time to hear all the stories you have to tell — I literally want to know everything you have ever seen and what you felt like while you were seeing it. And I will be so much better my whole life for knowing those things. I love you…Lena”

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