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by Gino on October 7, 2013

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Red Sox Fever?  I Think Most Of Us Have A Case Of That

Brian Thompson-McKinnon takes baseball very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that Kerri McKinnon, his mother, told that he “learned how to count by watching the Red Sox.” And while Kerri’s a member of the school committee in Nahant, Mass., and wouldn’t let Brian duck his academic obligations for just anything, she also knows that you’re only a RedSoxKidAndMomyoung Red Sox fanatic once. So she wrote a note to Brian’s teacher to ask for an early dismissal for Friday’s Game 1 of the American League Divisional Series, citing “Red Sox fever” as Brian’s illness and a trip to Fenway Park as the only cure. Kerri said Brian’s teacher “laughed hysterically” and excused him. (He only missed recess and a free period.) Kerri closed her note with a warning that if the Sox were to lose this weekend, the teacher should be prepared for “grumpy child syndrome,” which we all know to be a very real and very serious medical condition. Read the full text of the note below:

Dear Jude,
Please allow Brian to be dismissed at 11:45 a.m. — he has Red Sox fever and needs to visit Fenway for the cure. Please note if they lose today and tomorrow please expect grumpy child syndrome to be present on Monday.
Fondly, Kerri
(the insane baseball mom)


Automatic Bartender

The Monsieur, the robotic bartender that can make over 300 cocktails and while looking like a sleek little box on your countertop. Available in different styles (“Tiki” and “Irish pub” are options) the Monsieur can stir up 150 cocktails before needing a refill. For $1,499 it pays for itself in what you’ll save in tips and cab fare. It also comes with an app so you can program the Monsieur to have a drink waiting when you get home, at the strength of your choosing, and it remembers your past “orders” and makes suggestions. Sigh! The future is magical, we want to see more of it. Of course, if we were vampires we’d drink only blood anyway, so maybe just buy us one of these instead.


Coded Message From Weatherman

A National Weather Service employee forced to work for free during the government shutdown yesterday embedNOAAMeteorologistded a secret plea in a forecast. The message was hidden in the first paragraph of an early morning update for the Anchorage, Alaska region. The first letter of each line spelled out the three-word request. The secret message said, “Please Pay Us”. (Popular Science)


Magazine Collects Online Comments From Around the Internet

There’s a lot of talk about how ugly online comments sections can get, and some sites have restricted them or gotten rid of them altogether because of it. But Yahoo! News reports that there is actually a magazine out there that celebrates them, called Post Comment Below, put out by designer Kelli Miller and writer Kendra Eash. The two published their first issue in 2010, and the third came out this summer, made up of comments and similar material from message boards, status updates and IM threads. As Miller and Eash collect comments for the magazine, they find that certain themes surface, and the latest issue those are reflected in the title: Sex, Drugs and Robots. Miller tells Yahoo! News that online comments reflect the culture of the moment, and that, quote, “little nuggets of passion and wisdom” can come from the most unexpected places. They are also against restricting or eliminating comments sections, while acknowledging that they can be awful. Miller compares it to the transformation of Times Square from its seedy past to its cleaned-up, family-friendly present, saying, “Take away people’s ability to abandon their inhibitions and you are left with something that is sterile and a bit vanilla.”


Newtown Votes to Demolish Sandy Hook School, Rebuild on Site

Residents of Newtown, Connecticut, voted Saturday (October 5th) to move ahead with the plan to tear down Sandy Hook Elementary School, site of the massacre last December in which 26 people were killed, including 20 first-graders, and rebuild a new school on the site. More than 88 percent of the vote in Saturday’s referendum was in favor of accepting a $50 million grant from the state for the rebuilding plan. Demolition is set to begin later this month, with the new school to to open in 2016. A task force had narrowed down the choices to three in May: renovating the existing school; building on a new sites; or tearing down the school and rebuilding at its current site. The last plan was the one submitted to the school board and approved by residents this weekend. Sandy Hook Elementary School has been closed since the shootings, with the 430 surviving students relocated to a nearby school.

Couple Married On Colbert Report

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