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by Gino on October 10, 2013

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Books In Your Happy Meals?

For two weeks next month, McDonald’s will be including children’s books in its Happy Meals instead of toys, with some 20 million books expected to be given out during that time. AdAge reported that there will be four, quote, “original children’s books carrying a nutritional message.” One of them, for instance, called The Goat Who Ate Everything, is the story of a goat who eats too much and learns to eat better. This isn’t a one-off for McDonald’s with books, as there are plans to offer e-books next year. Ubong Ituen, McDonald’s USA’s VP of marketing, told AdAge, “This is really the first step in a larger book strategy, and our intent is to continue over several years.”


Politically Incorrect

Public Policy Polling recently conducted a survey to see how favorably Congress compares to other people and things.

– only 8% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing. 86% disapprove

Favorable Ratings: Congress vs …. (bolded material shows things Congress is more popular than)

Congress (24% approval rating) vs long lines at the DMV (58%)

Congress (33%) vs IRS (42%)

Congress (31%) vs Hemorhoids (53%)

Congress (40%) vs dog poop (47%)

Congress (41%) vs toenail fungus (44%)

Congress (42%) vs cockroaches (44%)

Congress (58%) vs Charles Manson (18%)

Congress (37%) vs twerking (33%)

Congress (43%) vs zombies (37%)

Congress (46%) vs Miley Cyrus (31%)

Congress (42%) vs Honey Boo Boo (33)

Congress (40%) vs Lindsay Lohan (36%)


Viral Video To promote The New Carrie Reboot


Kate Upton And Snoop Pimpin’ Hotpockets

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