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by Gino on October 21, 2013

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Strange Laws Still On The Books
Online attorney directory Upcounsel recently did a roundup of the strangest laws still on the books in the U.S., and while we’re not necessarily interested in telling Congress what they should be doing, maybe axing a few of these would help them feel more productive.
10. In Utah, it’s illegal for first cousins to marry, but this no longer applies if they’re both over the age of 65.
9. In Georgia, it’s against the law to use profanity in front of a corpse.
8. In Mohave County, Arizona, a person found stealing soap must wash themselves until the bar of soap has been completely used up.
7. In Indiana’s lawbooks, pi is 4, not 3.1415.
6. It’s illegal to sing off-key in North Carolina.
5. It’s illegal for a man to give his significant other a box of candy weighing in excess of 50 pounds in Idaho.
4. It’s illegal to mistreat oysters in Maryland.
3. You can be arrested or fined for harassing Bigfoot in Washington state.
2. It’s illegal to get a fish drunk in Ohio.
1. In Eureka, Nevada, it’s illegal for men with moustaches to kiss women.


Woman With Clown Phobia Gets Circus Posters Taken Down

The city of LeightonPennywiseclown Buzzard, England recently ordered John Lawson’s Circus to remove their promotional posters from various locations because a woman with a clown phobia complained about them.  John Lawson tells the Daily Mirror, “I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. There’s about 28,000 people in Leighton Buzzard, and our posters get taken down because of one person. What does she do when she drives past McDonalds, I wonder? It’s victimization. We don’t know who it is, but if we did, we’d gladly offer her tickets to come and see that our performance to show that our friendly clown is nothing to be scared of.”  The city says John can use posters without clowns.


Man Knits Scarf While Running A Marathon

A Kansas man managed to run a marathon and knit a scarf to break a world record. David Babcock thought it would be a good idea to combine two different hobbies to break a world record. The 41-year-old managed to achieve his goal after knitting a scarf that was twelve-feet long while running the Kansas City Marathon in a time of five hours and 48 minutes. He surpassed the previous record of making a scarf that was six-feet and nine inches. (UPI)


96 Year Old Is The Oldest Person To Hit The Billboard Hot 100

At 96, Fred Stobaugh is now, according to the Post, the oldest person ever to land a hit on the Billboard Hot 100.  After his wife of 72 years passed away in April, he wrote a song about her and the life they had together.  He entered a song writing contest.  Musician Jacob Colgan, who owns a recording studio in Peoria, Illinois, was moved by the simple and sweet ode. He put the lyrics to music, released a video about the project in July, and put the song on iTunes.

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