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by Gino on October 28, 2013

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Do You Mentally Check Out Early On Fridays?  You’re Not Alone…

No one can wait to get out of work on Friday afternoon, and new research finds the average worker mentally checks out of work at 2:39 PM on Fridays. The research comes from British Airways, who surveyed two-thousand office workers. Nearly half of respondents admitted they take Fridays easier than any other day, and six-in-ten said they feel entitled to do so because they work more than their contracted hours throughout the week. More than 80-percent said their boss still gets “value for money” by employing them. One third of respondents said their workplace has a better atmosphere on Fridays, and 47-percent said their boss is more lenient on Fridays. (Daily Mail)


Sexting Seniors

Have you ever sent a sexy text? It turns out a fair amount of seniors have, according to a new survey. The software security company McAfee surveyed nearly 1,500-people between the ages of 50 and 75 and found that 24-percent said they’ve used their cell phone to send an “intimate” text message, email or pohotograph. Eighty-percent said they are active on social networking sites, and the survey revealed respondents spend an average of five hours surfing the web each day. Fifty-two-percent said they had willingly posted their email address online, while 27-percent said they’ve posted their cell phone number and 26-percent said they posted their home address. An expert at McAfee noted that while young people are better at protecting themselves online, older generations often don’t realize the “hard consequences of sharing too much personal information.” (Daily Mail)



Hot Cocoa For Cancer Research

A New Jersey girl whose grandmother and cousin recently were diagnosed wAnyaith cancer is getting a lot of online love for setting up a hot chocolate stand to raise money for cancer research. The seven-year-old set up the stand outside her home this weekend, and her father arranged it so that people could also donate online, buying a “virtual” cup of cocoa. After Saturday, $2,000 had already been raised, with Anya’s proud papa writing about it on his blog.  Click Here For More Info


Ohio State’s Band Does It Again!

The so-called “Best Damn Band in the Land” has done it again, right on the heels of making Michael Jackson moonwalk across the football field. Their latest triumph is medley of Hollywood blockbusters, and they don’t need CGI to bring Superman, Harry Potter or the star of “Jurassic Park” to life. And while they were at it, the Buckeyes got in a couple shots at rival Michigan — chewing up a Wolverine player and spitting out his helmet, followed by a crowning bit of sea warfare. Cancel your Netflix subscription. This is all you’ll want to watch from now on.


People Take To Twitter After Game 3 Ends With Obstruction Call


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