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by Gino on November 12, 2013

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Today Will Be A Huge Day For Weddings

David’s Bridal claims there will be a 700% increase in weddings today because of the date 11/12/13. The wedding clothier estimates 3,000 weddings will take place.wedding_wallpaper_09d95

David’s Bridal Chief Marketing Officer Brian Beitler says, “Iconic dates have become a trend in the United States, reaching new heights when over 65,000 couples tied the knot on 07/07/07. 11/12/13 is a sequential pattern, and we have learned that couples love dates that have patterns. The last consecutive series of the century will occur next year, 12/13/14. It falls on a Saturday, so we predict this date could reach record breaking numbers. 40% of brides would consider planning their wedding on a special date, such as 11/12/13 or 12/13/14.”


Tearless Onions?  Really???

Do you find yourself cryingonions41vj9 when cutting an onion? You don’t have to worry about that uncomfortable burning feeling in your eyes anymore as a tearless onion has been invented. Scientists from New Zealand say not only is their onion tearless, but may offer heart benefits similar to garlic. The special onion has less of the protein that causes our eyes to burn and tear, and instead the vegetable makes a sulfur compound similar to a compound found in garlic, which may be where garlic gets its cardiovascular benefits. Researchers say preliminary tests show the tearless onion could help control weight gain in rats, more so than regular onions or garlic. (UPI)


Man Dies After Drinking Crystal Meth

Londoner Romano Dias recently died after drinking a bottle of liquid crystal meth he thought was Crystal Light. His daughter gave him the drink after it was delivered to their home in a package showing the correct address, but the wrong name. After downing half the bottle, Dias said, ”I am in trouble here. I am dying, I am dead.” Testing revealed the bottle contained $54,000 worth of meth.


Will Getting Your DNA Mapped Become Standard Part of Medicine?

The co-founder and CEO of 23andMe, a California company that maps people’s DNA for $99, providing detailed genetic information that includes disease risk, believes that this kind of genetic testing will become a standard part of health care. Anne Wojcicki (wo-JIT-skee) told the New York Times, “Genetics is going to be a ubiquitous part of health care. I think that everyone is going to get their genome. . . . And you’re going to hear stories of people really taking ownership of health prevention, directed by their genome . . . ” When asked about people being hesitant to get the testing done because of fear of what they might find out, Wojcicki says people have to be educated about prevention, and that just because they’re at greater risk for a disease doesn’t mean they’ll get it. Speaking about people who’ve found they’re at greater risk for a disease, she said, “I’ve found it motivates people to be as healthy as possible.” Wojcicki also said having the information could lead people to be more proactive about making decisions, such as about where they’ll live and who will take care of them if they do get sick.


Powerball Winner’s Ex-Girlfriend in Court Battle for Part of the Money

The ex-girlfriend of a New Jersey man who won a $338 million Powerball jackpot last spring is fighting in court to get a share of the winnings. Pedro Quezada’s attorney argues that Inez Sanchez has no claim to the money because the couple were never married, even though they lived together for 10 years, have a child together, and shared ownership of a grocery store. But attorneys for Sanchez say that Quezada bought the winning ticket based on the couple’s shared earnings. Sanchez recently moved out of their new home and filed a domestic violence complaint against Quezada, according to The Bergen Record. A judge has refused to dismiss the lawsuit, but she’s also denied a request from Sanchez to freeze the lottery winnings pending the outcome of the trial.


Set Up a Personal Holiday Shopping Catalog with Flipboard

Just in time for the holidays, personal magazine creator Flipboard released a tool yesterday (November 11th) that lets users set up their own personal shopping catalogs, featuring their gift wish lists and highlighting their favorite products. The catalogs include links so that the products can be bought by anyone looking at them on Flipboard’s app for the iPhone and iPad, as well as mobile devices using Android. Several retailers, including Banana Republic and eBay, are putting out their own Flipboard catalogs. Flipboard, which began in 2010 to create digital magazines made up of material taken from links shared on Facebook and Twitter, has about 90 million users. Earlier this year, it began to allow people to put together digital magazines on their favorite topics.

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