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by Gino on November 15, 2013

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The NBA Promotes Its Christmas Day Games

Promoting the NBA’s five Christmas Day games and the special Adidas short-sleeve, big-logo jerseys the players will wear that day. Featuring Derrick RoseKevin Durant, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Steve Nash and LeBron James, who’ll all be playing on Christmas.


Spirit Airlines Plays Off Rob Ford Controversy

Spirit Airlines is offering cheaSpiritAirlinesNotSmokingCrackp flights to the Toronto to poke fun at Rod Ford’s cocaine confession. The airline sent an email blast to customers offering cheap flights with the caption “We’re not smoking crack”.


Should Kids Be Taught How to Code for Computers Instead of Cursive?

The new Common Core educational standards from the National Governors Association doesn’t include teaching cursive writing in the curriculum. Seven states who are unhappy about that are putting it back in for their schools, but The Week argues that cursive is no longer much used or needed, and that the time should be spent instead on teaching kids computer skills, particularly how to code. It contends that most people communicate now via computers and smartphones, writing, “Name the last time, besides your signature, that you wrote or read anything in cursive.” And as for the signature issue, The Week says, “a signature is just as legally binding in print.”


We Will Probably Spend Less On The Holidays This Year

Last year consumers spent an average of $786 on holiday gifts, but if the latest poll from Gallup is correct they’ll be sitting on the wallets this year. Americans say they plan to spend an average of $704 on holiday giving this year. At the same time last year American consumers planned to spend $770 and ended up spending a bit more. Retailers can only hope that the pattern repeats itself this year.

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