Barbara Walters Makes No Friends At A Screening Of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

by Gino on November 15, 2013

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Barbara Walters attended a screening of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Wednesday night (November 13th) where she reportedly caused loud disturbances throughout the film. Sources tell the New York Daily News that The View host was apparently confused by the plot and allegedly asked questions to her assistants every few minutes.

One source told the newspaper, “Every time someone came onscreen, she’d say out loud, ‘Who’s that?’ Then an assistant would fill her in. She even asked, ‘Is that Jennifer Lawrence?,’ which is weird considering she was probably watching the movie in preparation for an interview.” Another witness explained, “She couldn’t understand any of the plot twists and would ask ‘What’s going on?’ every five seconds. It was crazy. Even when characters reappeared on screen after having shown up 20 minutes earlier, she’d be like, ‘Who’s that?'”

  • The witness described the 84-year-old as “rude and entitled” for having her assistants wipe off her glasses and walking her through the plot.

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