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by Gino on December 5, 2013

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 The Scariest Commercial Ever?

A Japanese tire company has created the scariest advertisement ever. Autoway created the 40-second clip to promote their new tires. The ad starts innocently enough with friends driving through some snow when they see a hitchhiker standing in the middle of the road. The hitchhiker turns out ot be a ghost. The ad has had a disclaimer added before it plays. The company warns that this video is not for the feint of heart. (The Independent)


Captain Picard Sings “Let It Snow”



NYC May Restrict E-Cigarette Use Indoors, Just Like Regular Cigarettes

The New York City Council met yesterday (December 4th) to decide whether to restrict e-cigarette use indoors, in the same way that smoking traditional cigarettes is regulated. E-cigarettes don’t burn anything or release smoke, but instead give off a sweet-smelling vapor that comes from a heated tube of liquid inside each device. The liquid contains nicotine, and its use is seen by many as a way for smokers to get their nicotine fix without exposure to the cancer-causing chemicals from regular smoking. A key issue in the debate is just what’s in the vapor that’s created in addition to nicotine. The FDA doesn’t yet regulate e-cigarettes, so national standards haven’t been set for its makeup. Some studies have found no negative side effects from exposure to secondhand vapor, while others have shown a troubling link to them. Advocates say that restricting the use of e-cigarettes indoors undermines those who are using them to try to quit, while those in favor of restrictions say there’s little evidence that e-cigarettes actually help people stop smoking


Anchorman 2 Underwear?

Jockey has launched a new line of anchorman-underwarAnchorman 2 underwear. The briefs come in two colors: “Beard of Zeus Blue” for afternoon delights and “Sex Panther Red” for nights. Each low rise pair sells for $18 and has custom packaging featuring Ron Burgundy. Buy the undies at


What Did Your Promise Yourself For 2013?

As 2012 came to a close a survey was taken: “What promise are you making to yourself in 2013?” Most people said things like find a new job, read more books, or volunteer more. But 2% of respondents said they planned to get their boss fired.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to get another job?


Dead Mice Dropped On To Guam

A group of 2,00Guam Operation Mice Dr(2)0 dead mice equipped with cardboard parachutes have been airdropped over a United States Air Force base in Guam in order to poison snakes. The mice were given acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol. The hope is that the snakes will eat the mice and die because of the chemical, which is harmless to them, but to few other animals. The snakes have caused harm to the island’s power grid and exotic native birds. (NBC)


Growing Trend of Single People Looking for Non-Romantic Co-Parents

ABC News reports that there’s a growing trend of single people who want to start a family but aren’t in a romantic relationship looking for platonic partners to be co-parents with them. There a number of websites for those looking for co-parents to create and raise a child together, including California-based Modamily — a combination of the words “modern” and “family.” Unlike using a sperm bank or egg donor, co-parenting sites help people find partners based on shared values and interests and common concerns, and the goal is to raise the child together while not having a romantic relationship. Issues including finances, costs and custody all have to be worked out in these arrangements, as well as how the child will be conceived. Not surprisingly, there are critics of this kind of co-parenting. Among them is Dr. Robert Fellmeth, executive director of the Children’s Advocacy Institute, who told ABC News, “The child benefits from having two parents who love each other, who are willing to sacrifice for each other. If it fails, it fails, but at least try!”

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