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by Gino on December 16, 2013

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Perkins Family Christmas Light Display


New Prank, Phone Crashing…





In New Hampshire, We’re Pretty Healthy

United Health Foundation has released America’s Health Rankings for 2013 and finds Hawaii to be the healthiest state followed closely by Vermont, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. The least healthy state was found to be Mississippi, with Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama and West Virginia being found to be just slightly healthier. State rankings were based on rates of uninsured individuals, rates of childhood immunization, and rates of obesity, smoking and preventable hospitalizations, along with numerous other considerations.  Overall, we’ve gotten healthier, smoking less and exercising more.


Who Was The Most Tweeted Celeb In 2013?

If you think its Justin Bieber, you’re wrong. The most re-tweeted celebrity was actually Glee’s Lea Michele, whose heartbreaking post about her boyfriend Cory Monteith was re-tweeted 408-thousand times. Other celebrities among the most re-tweeted were members of One Direction and the deceased Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker.


James Bond Would Have Been An Alcoholic

A lighthearted edition of the medical journal BMJ says that if James Bond were a real person he would definitely be an alcoholic. For the study, researchers read all 14 Casino-Royale-Daniel-Craig-drinking-martinibooks about the fictional British Secret Service agent and noted every alcoholic drink he had. They then used standard alcohol unit levels to calculate Bond’s alcohol consumption. The results showed Bond consumed on average 92 units of alcohol weekly and researchers say, “People who drink at this level are severely functionally inhibited and unless this refers to shot of various spirits, this assertion is likely to be pure fantasy.” Additionally researchers say that Bond’s alcohol dependency would likely have caused tremors meaning “He was unlikely to be able to stir his drinks, even if he would have wanted to.” (Fox)

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