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by Gino on January 17, 2014

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New Social Media Drinking Game

A new social media drinking game called Neknominating has players finding creative and sometimes dangerous ways to chug a pint of beer. The game, which gained notoriety in Australia and England, has been described as the “social drinking game for social media,” because players are expected to post a video of themselves gulping down the beer and then nominate someone else. The next person is supposed to do something outrageous to one up the previous video, for example drink alcohol out of a toilet bowl or chug a beer while driving. (Radar Online)


Tips For Jesus

“Tips For Jesus”, the anonymous diner famous for leaving huge tips in the name of Jesus, has stuck again, this time in a San Francisco. The tipper struck at a high-end tipsJapanese restaurant, this time leaving a $3,000 tip on a $147 bill. This isn’t the first time the big tipper has struck a restaurant. The “Tips For Jesus” Instagram profile has been live since early September. Those running the profile made their first post on September 8, 2013, which was an image of a Jesus figure with thumbs up. The caption read, “Here we go…,” and from there the anonymous tipper has made his or her way around the country, leaving outrageously generous tips for their servers.


Seen Outside The Hornet Bar In Denver

What do ya’ think?  Think someone needs to post something about Manning on their A-frame/sign?


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