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by Gino on March 20, 2014

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Detroit Elementary Kids Do Pharrell’s Happy


Man Texts Shakespeare’s Plays To Scammer

A 24-year-old British man, who lost $133 to an online scammer, is getting revenge by sending the man Shakespeare’s complete works via text message. Edd Joseph paid the man scam artist to buy a PlayStation 3, but the seller never made good on the deal. Joseph has sent 22 plays, including “Macbeth,” “Othello” and “Hamlet” in a total of 17,424 text messages. (Gawker)


Facebook’s Scary Facial Recognition Software

Facebook could soon have a facial recognition feature that works almost as well as your brain. The social network’s researchers are calling it DeepFace, and explain it’s an algorithm that can excel where other, similar technology fails. The researchers say DeepFace can identify faces even in photos that are off-center, or in which the face is turned. The technology has a 97.25 percent accuracy rate, which falls just short of the 97.5 percent accuracy rate humans are capable of reaching. Researchers say that for now, DeepFace is only a research project. (Fox)


The Man With The Gun Tattoo

A Maine man was wokenGunTattoo-Mar14 up by State Police armed with assault rifles because tree removal workers thought they saw a gun stuffed in his waistband. Michael Smith, who yelled at the workers earlier in the day without wearing a shirt, was woken when police demanded through a megaphone to come out of his home. Luckily, officers realized that the only gun Smith possesses is a tattoo of a life-size handgun on his lower stomach. (UPI)


Woman Pranks Mom Using Her Own Cellphone Twitter user Kenzie retrained her mother’s Smartphone, to replace the phrase “dirty clothes” with “acid”. So, any time her mother asked if she had any dirty clothes, acid would instead flash on the screen. Unsurprisingly her mother got extremely frsutrated and a screen capture of the woman’s conversation with her daughter has been retweeted over 12,000 times. (Metro) 68Jc5hEl

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