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by Gino on March 27, 2014

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Walking Dead Beer

A Philadelphia brewethe-walking-dead-beer-facebookry will be releasing a beer made of smoked goat brains to coincide with the season finale of The Walking Dead. The brew, named the “Walker” after the series’ zombies, is an American pale stout flavored with brains that have been roasted over hot coals. It will be available at the Dock Street Brewing Company on Sunday, the day of the season 4 finale.


You Haven’t Got The Plague…  Just Back To Back Colds

Doctors say the common cold can last longer than many people think– up to two weeks for principal symptoms, and a cough can linger longer. The experts say even after the cold clears up there’s a possibility of a secondary infection such as bacterial sinusitis. Doctors also note that it is possible to get back-to-back colds. The common cold can be caused by more than 200 known viruses, some of which are worse than others. Luckily, after you get one of these viruses your body should build up some immunity to it, making it unlikely you’ll get the same one again. (Fox)


Women in ‘Hoax’ Reality Show Thought They Were Competing for Prince Harry’s Heart

Deadline Hollywood reports that Fox is planning to air a dating reality show this summer in which 12 American women were taken to a palatial home in England where they believed they were competing for Prince Harry‘s heart. But instead, for weeks they were really trying to impress a Prince Harry lookalike, Matthew Hicks, who was acting the part. News of the show, called I Wanna Marry Harry, and its premise was kept secret so as not to give it away. Deadline Hollywood compares the show to another hoax dating reality show, 2003’s Joe Millionaire, in which women competed for a man they thought was rich, but who instead was just an average guy.

Which Is The Real One?


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