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by Gino on April 3, 2014

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Fun Celebrity Facts


How Much Paper Would It Take To Print Out WikipedBlack-Wikipediaia?

There was once a time people used books known as encyclopedias, but those days are long gone. Now, people turn to the internet instead. Wikipedia is a well-known online crowd-sourced encyclopedia, and recently NPR reported just how many pages it would take to completely print out Wikipedia. The answer? More than one million pages. A German startup called PediaPass is actually raising money on Indiegogo to print out Wikipedia. Researchers say those one million pages would equate to one thousand volumes that would consist of 1,200 pages each. They would take up about 260 feet of shelf space. Just for comparison, the last printed edition of Encyclopedia Britannica included 32 volumes and 32,640 pages. (Yahoo)


Mile High Club Airlines

Joining the mile high club on your bucket list, but doing it in an airplane bathroom is not appealing?  Love Cloud is offering Mile High Club flights over Vegas for $799.  The plane features a mattress and the pilot wears a noise-canceling headset.  Don’t get icked out, after every flight, Love Cloud has a cleaning service that cleans every part of the aircraft with specific cleaning products to kill any and all germs.’


Apparently, They Did Everything Together

The Chattanooga, Tennessee police recently found two dead brothers sitting in front of their TV. No one had seen Anthony and Andrew Johnson in two years. The 63 year-olds were found by a relative. Cops think the Johnson’s died in 2011 and that no one noticed because someone kept cutting their grass and they hardly received any mail. The men often stayed indoors because they were diabetics.

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