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by Gino on April 8, 2014

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Windows Dropping XP Support

As of today (Tuesday), Miwindows_xp_logo_brokencrosoft will stop supporting computers that run on Windows XP, the operating system that was developed in 2001 and replaced by a newer system in 2008. Problem is, one-third of the world’s computers still run on Windows XP. The company warns that those computers are now very vulnerable to hackers and viruses, not to mention natural death due to old age.


A Very Expensive Breakup

The NY Daily News claims a text message that Louis Billittier sent to his fiance ending their enengagement-ring-539x400gagement cost him a $50,000 diamond ring. The 2012 message read: ‘Plus you get a $50,000 parting ring. Enough for a down payment on a house.’

A Buffalo Supreme Court justice ruled that the ring was no longer involved in a marriage contract, but was now a “parting gift.” Billittier’s ex is getting the white gold, 2.97-carat diamond ring.


PETA Wants Dahmer’s House

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants the former home of Jeffrey Dahmer to be turned into a Vegan restaurant called, “Eat for Life–Home Cooking.” The three-bedroom, three bathroom home in Bath Township, Ohio was recently put on the market for $295,000. PETA posted on its website that “rather than remaining as a stark reminder of it dark past, the building can instead become the site of a celebration of culinary compassion.” The group also went on to say that, “Like Dahmer’s human victims, cows, pigs, and chickens are mad of flesh and blood and fear for their lives when confronted by a man with a knife.” (Akron Beacon Journal)


Twitter Employee Tweets During Labor

A Twitter employee was so comAtClairemitted to her job as a “manager of social innovation” that she live-tweeted the birth of her daughter. Claire Diaz-Ortiz, who lives in Buenos Aire with her husband, blogged from the twitter handle @claire. She started the live tweeting session by announcing the contractions until finally announcing the birth of her baby girl Lucia. (Buzzfeed)

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