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by Gino on April 17, 2014

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Snoop D-O-Double-G On Call Of Duty: Ghosts


Brothers May Face Charges Over Child Kidnapping Hoax

Twin 24-year-old brothers Jason and Jeremy Holden are facing possible charges over a child kidnapping hoax they staged in a Sequim, Washington, park. ABC News reports that the hoax involved the masked brothers grabbing a four-year-old boy — who is actually their half-brother — from a bench and then putting him a van and driving off. Panicked witnesses ran after the van, trying to get the license plate number, while others called 911, but they were outraged when the brothers returned soon after to let people know the boy was safe and that it was all a hoax, staged, they said, to film a YouTube video about “kidnapping awareness.” The Holdens said they called police beforehand to alert them to what they were planning, and claimed the police never told them it wasn’t a good idea. However, Sequim police Sergeant Detective Sean Madison told ABC News they got a call just a few minutes before the incident, saying, “We don’t consider that to be a warning or an advisement.” Madison also said that the brothers have a YouTube channel with other prank videos, so the police aren’t necessarily buying that that this was really about “kidnapping awareness.” The police may bring misdemeanor charges against the Holdens for disturbing the peace and being a public nuisance.


Fox News Channel to Give Viewers Womens’ Point of View

Fox News Channel is launching a new program that will give viewers a women’s point of view, featuring a panel made up of rotating cast of four female co-hosts and one man. The hour-long show, called Outnumbered, will have the panelists examine the top current news, as well as pop culture and relationship issues in the headlines, with Fox News saying it will offer a “fresh take.” All the panelists will continue their current on-air Fox jobs as well. Outnumbered will debut on April 28th, airing at noon.


Veep On Instagram

You can follow Biden at @VP.BidenOnInstagram

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