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by Gino on April 28, 2014

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A Strange Way To Lessen The Effects Of Alcohol

What if you could drink all night and not get embarrassingly drunk? The co-founder of the Boston Beer Company, Jim Koch, says he can do just that. Koch says the SamAdamsLogokey is to eat one tablespoon of yeast for every drink you think you’ll consume before you start drinking. He says you can make the yeast taste better by mixing it with yogurt, and says it’s the same yeast you would buy to make bread and can be found in the grocery store. Koch says it works because active dry yeast contains an enzyme that breaks down alcohol. He warned that the yeast does not completely eliminate the effects of alcohol, it just reduces them. (Daily Mail)


A New Gadget For Kitty Lovers

Lots of cat owners miss little Fluffy or Tiger when they’re away from home during the day, and they’d like to think their cats miss them too (although really, they’re probably happy to have the place to themselves). A newly-invented gadget called Kittyo would let owners check in remotely for a little while, allowing them to talk kittyoto, watch, play with, take pictures of, and even give treats to their cat. Kittyo is about nine inches tall with a laser, video camera and audio speaker in its top half and a treat-dispenser in the bottom, so that you can talk to your cat, send it chasing after the laser beam, watch it in real time and give your little sweetums a treat. Creator Lee Miller launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this week, and since the Internet loves all things feline, raised his goal of $30,000 to begin manufacturing Kittyo in just 36 minutes. In the few days since, he’s raised over $100,000. Miller hopes to have the first Kittyo units available in November, with a price of around $189.


How Old Are Your Undies???

Some less-than-appealing news from Britain: There’s a decent chance the guy sitting next to you is wearing 7-year-old underwear. That’s the average length of time men hang on to their undies before buying new ones.


Obama: Not Spending More Time with Late Mother Among Biggest Regrets

While in Malaysia Sunday (April 27th) as part of his four-nation Asian trip, President Obama answered questions from students during a town hall meeting at the University of Malaysia, during which he revealed that not having spent more time with his late mother is among his biggest regrets in life. Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, died of ovarian cancer in 1995 and age 52, just six months or so after being diagnosed. He said yesterday, “There was a stretch of time from when I was, let’s say, 20 until I was 30, where I was so busy with my own life that I didn’t always reach out and communicate with her and ask her how she was doing and tell her about things. I was nice and I’d call and write once in a while. But this goes to what I was saying earlier about what you remember in the end I think is the people you love. I realized that I didn’t — every single day, or at least more often — just spend time with her and find out what she was thinking and what she was doing, because she had been such an important part of my life.”


Clippers Owner Under Fire For Racism

Before their playoff game last night, the Los Angeles Clippers carried out a silent, on-court protest against owner Donald Sterling over an audio tape that has surfaced of him making racist comments. The Clippers players gathered at the center of the basketball court before the game — which they lost 118-97 to the Golden State Warriors — and took off their Clippers warm-up shirts and left them on the floor. They went on to warm up wearing inside-out red shooting shirts so the Clippers name or logo wasn’t shown, and during the game they wore black arm or wrist bands and black socks. Sterling, who’d originally planned to be there for the game, decided not to attend after speaking with the NBA, which is investigating his alleged comments.


In the tape, which was released by celebrity gossip site TMZ, the 81-year-old Sterling told his much younger girlfriend, V. Stiviano, during an argument that he doesn’t want her to bring black people to Clippers games or post pictures with them on Instagram. The rant was apparently sparked by Stiviano — who is herself black and Mexican — posting a photo on Instagram of her and Magic Johnson. Sterling said, in part: “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people. Do you have to? . . . I think the fact that you admire [Magic] — I’ve known him well, and he should be admired. And I’m just saying that it’s too bad you can’t admire him privately. And during your ENTIRE F***ING LIFE, your whole life, admire him — bring him here, feed him, f**k him, I don’t care. You can do anything. But don’t put him on an Instagram for the world to see so they have to call me. And don’t bring him to my games. OK?”

In a statement, the Clippers said they didn’t know if the tape was legitimate or had been altered, and said that Sterling, quote, “is emphatic that what is reflected on that recording is not consistent with, nor does it reflect his views, beliefs or feelings. It is the antithesis of who he is, what he believes and how he has lived his life.” However, reports say that Sterling has a reputation for racism, and he’s had to settle at least two big-money lawsuits over housing discrimination at properties he owns. Stiviano’s lawyer released a statement yesterday that said the audio tapes — including a longer version of the conversation that was released by Deadspin — are legitimate. The quotes came from about an hour’s worth of recorded conversation that Stiviano says she didn’t leak to the media.

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