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by Gino on May 2, 2014

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Prom Shotglass???

El Paso’s Eastwood High School is under fire for giving students shot glasses at prom.  A school spokeswoman tells ABC: “We’ve met with the sponsors of prom, we’ve also learned from this and we want to make sure that there is a protocol for all proms. To make sure this never happens again.”  The glasses cost $1,800 and were filled with Skittles and M&Ms.


After Over 30 Years MA Town Can Finally Get Its Pac-Man On

Residents of a Massachusetts town have voted to remove a ban on coin-operated videopacman-hi games that was instituted back in 1982. Marshfield residents, who originally created the ban to keep out an “undesirable element”, eliminated the 32-year-old ban after a 203-175 vote. Previous attempts to lift the ban in 1994 and 2011 were defeated and in 1983 an appeal of the ban made its way up to the Supreme Court before they declined to hear the case. Even after 32-years, some residents are not in favor of the ban like Sue Walker, who was quoted as saying, “there’s nothing fun about it”. (Patriot Ledger)


Is It Dishonest to Have Your Online Dating Profile Ghostwritten?

As online dating has become a common and accepted thing for singles to do, it’s not surprising that some daters are looking for a leg up on the competition, and it’s also not surprising that people have found a way to make money helping them do that. The Washington Post reported on a recently-launched site called Personal Dating Assistants that will ghostwrite their clients dating profiles for them — but just for guys. Site founder Matthew Valentines, who is himself a 35-year-old bachelor, told the Post the site was created to help men who are either too busy, too intimidated, or just bad at selling themselves. The service includes a lengthy phone call with the client to get an idea of who they are for the profile, and also includes a photographer referral to get a great photo, creating the actual profile on the dating site of their choice, finding prospective dates, and even messaging the women for the them. This kind of service costs clients $9.50 an hour.


Should We Make Voting Mandatory?

The voter turnout rate in the U.S. is among the lowest of the world’s wealthiest democracies, hovering down around 40 percent for midterm elections and only reaching around 60 percent in presidential election years. That has led some to suggest that we should make voting mandatory, which may sound crazy to us, but is actually the law in many nations around the world, including Australia, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, and a lot of others. Matt Bai argues in his Yahoo News political blog that mandatory voting would help fix many of the problems the American democratic process has, including how starkly divided we’ve become. Without having to worry about motivating their voters to go the polls, candidates would want to appeal to as many voters as possible, instead of using microtargeted messages and trying to ramp up fear and anger. Bai writes, “Suddenly candidates would have to think about ideas again — about how to persuade all of these skeptical, unaffiliated voters that they actually have a plan to govern.” He also addresses the money issue, saying, “Candidates would have to be more responsive to the broad electorate than to the tiny number of wealthy contributors who currently help them get out the vote.” Bai says that not voting would likely be punished with some kind of fine, instead of treated like a criminal offense, and that there’d have to be a way for people to come to the polls but abstain, so free speech rights aren’t violated. And in order to allow all Americans to vote, we’d have to come up with a better process than the one we have now, which could include e-voting from home and allowing voting for more than one day, which many states already do. Bai compared compulsory voting to jury duty, something we are required to do as citizens for the civic good.

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