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by Gino on May 5, 2014

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Just What Mom Wants…  A Scarf Flask

If your mom really enjoys her wine there’s a gift that’s perfect for her for Mother’s Day. It’s called the FlaskScarf, and is basically a scarf that doubles as a flask. The fabric fashion accessory contains a hidden foil bag with a FlaskScarfmouth valve that can hold eight ounces of liquid. The product description reads, “[It’s] everything you need to get your drink on and look good doing it. Don’t settle for just one, you deserve both!” The item is available for purchase on (Daily Mail)


Can You Sum Up A Movie With One Frame?

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered what single frame could perfectly summarize the entire film? Well, Geoff Todd did and his resulting creation is One Perfect Shot, a Twitter account that does just that.  Fimd the account here!

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