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by Gino on May 20, 2014

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Dogs Detect Cancer With 98% Efficiency

The power of dogs’ noses is well documented, and that reputation continues to improve. Researchers have discovered that our canine companions’ snouts may be more accurate than advanced laboratory procedures when it comes to detecting certain forms of cancer. Researchers in Italy (Istituto Clinico Humanitas) trained two dogs that can sniff out the scent of prostate cancer in urine samples with a success rate of 98 percent.


A New McMascot

McDonald’s Happy-McDoanldsunveiled a new mascot Monday. It’s called “Happy” — and it’s an animated Happy Meal box with a set of teeth on the front and a pair of cartoon arms and legs. The character has been around overseas since 2009 but this is the first time Happy is being introduced stateside.



Lance Armstrong’s Awkward Cards Against Humanity Moment

Lance Armstrong waLanceArmstrong-CardsAgainstHumanitys playing a card game with friends when a card referencing his battle with cancer came into play. Armstrong, who was playing Cards against Humanity, tweeted a picture that said quote, “Lance Armstrong’s missing testicle.” The game is played when one player asks a question from a black card, and the other players provide the funniest answer from their hand of white cards. (Metro)






Conspiratorial Book Out on Missing Malaysian Jet, Upsetting Families

Less than three months after the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight with 239 people on board, the first book about the mystery is already out, and its appearance and conspiratorial theory has upset some of the victims’ family members. The book, called Flight MH370: The Mystery, was published in Australia and was written by London-based author Nigel Cawthorne, who theorizes that the plane was accidentally shot down during a joint Thai-U.S. military training exercise and that its disappearance is part of a massive cover-up. Cawthorne bases his theory on an oil rig worker who says he saw a burning plane go down around the time the plane’s transponder went off, during a time when the military exercise was reportedly in progress. He suggests that misinformation might be released, writing, “Now ‘m not saying that’s what happened, but if a black box is found, who is to say that it is from Flight MH370? Another black box could have been dropped in the sea 1,000 miles from Perth while the search was going on in the South China Sea. In these circumstances, with the amount of disinformation abroad, it is best to be skeptical.”

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