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by Gino on May 23, 2014

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LIFETIME ANNOUNCES WHITNEY HOUSTON BIOPIC: Lifetime has announced plans for an original movie about Whitney Houston’s life story. The project will be directed by Angela Bassett and is expected to premiere in 2015. Angela said in a statement, “I have such regard for both Whitney’s and Bobby Brown’s amazing talents and accomplishments; and I feel a responsibility in the telling of their story. Their humanity and bond fascinates us all.” The movie has a working title of Whitney Houston. The story will follow the tumultuous relationship between Houston and Bobby — from the time they first met at the very height of their celebrity, to their courtship and rocky marriage, all during Whitney’s meteoric rise as a singer, actress and model.

FORMER OSCAR NOMINEE QUVENZHANE WALLIS IS NEW FACE OF ARMANI JUNIOR: Beasts of the Southern Wild Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis has been named the face of Armani Junior — the children and teen line from Giorgio Armani. The 10-year-old is the first major child celebrity to be named the face of a luxury brand. Wallis said in a statement, “I’m so happy to be chosen by Mr. Armani to be his ambassador for Armani Junior. I felt the same excitement when I got cast for a major film. Me? Wow! I was honored to wear his custom gown to the Oscars. It made me feel like a princess. When I saw Mr. Armani’s Prive show in New York, the dresses were so pretty…I had too many favorites. Afterwards when I met him, I realized Mr. Armani is such a nice man. I liked that that he was so thoughtful. It’s fun to wear Armani Junior since I really like the clothes. It’s young. It’s cool. My friends are going to want to borrow all my clothes.”

TAISSA FARMIGA JOINS ‘IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE’: American Horror Story actress Taissa Farmiga has joined the cast of Ti West’s Western, In A Valley Of Violence. The film stars Ethan Hawke and John Travolta. The 19-year-old actress will play a young woman who runs the town’s hotel with her older sister and helps Ethan’s character in his quest for vengeance. Taissa made her big-screen debut in 2011 when she acted in her older sister Vera’s first director’s gig for the movie High Ground. She has since appeared in Bling Ring, At Middleton, Anna, and Jamesy Boy.

UNIVERSAL ANNOUNCES RELEASE DATE FOR ‘MONSTER HIGH’: Universal Pictures has announced that they will be releasing the film Monster High on October 7th, 2016. The story focuses on the teenage spawn of some of history’s most legendary monsters, who attend a super-secret academy and go through every day — and night — trying to find their real identities while figuring out what to do with their secret ones. It’s based on the line of dolls from Mattel. The script was written by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage — the team behind Gossip Girl and The O.C.

‘PARKS AND RECREATION’ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER TEASES FINAL SEASON: Michael Schur, executive producer of Parks and Recreation, has revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the final batch of episodes will take the show in a new direction. He explained, “We’re going into the coda season and we’re going to have this fun, weird new world to play with for 13 episodes. It’s just a kind of storytelling we’ve never done before. We just gave that traditional mockumentary format a big middle finger and decided to do something else for the final season.” The series will wrap up after a 13-episode sixth season.



GEORGE CLOONEY’s HOME IN ITALY HAS BEEN ROBBED: A robber found his way into George Clooney’s house in Lake Como on Thursday (May 22nd) after allegedly scaling the walls of the property and heading straight for the wine cellar. A source told Us Weekly, “The alleged burglar, a 29-year-old Romanian man, found the wine in a small alcove in the garden of the lakeside property and then tried to force his way into the villa.” The man was able to make off with a single bottle of wine before he was apparently stopped by the actor’s security team and the police were called.

DREW BARRYMORE WOULDN’T KNOW HOW TO RAISE A SON: Drew Barrymore is glad she has been blessed with two daughters because she admits that raising a son would throw her for a loop. She recently told People, “I feel like if my husband and I try to have a third, I would be mystified if we have a boy, because I’m so unfamiliar with boys. I’m a guy’s girl, and I’ve never been overly ‘girlie-girl,’ but I love my girlfriends so much, so it makes all the sense in the world that my karma is to have two daughters. I have such an Achilles heel with the mother-daughter relationship. I just get girls. I love men, and I feel like I would have a lot to learn from my son if I was ever lucky enough to have a boy.” Drew gave birth to daughter Frankie last month.

BRYAN SINGER SEEKS TO HAVE SEXUAL ABUSE CASE THROWN OUT: Bryan Singer is hoping the federal court in Hawaii will dismiss the sexual abuse case brought against him by 48-year-old Michael Egan who claims he was abused by the director back in 1999. The X-Men: Days of Future Past filmmaker has filed a motion to the court saying, “The timing of this action and inclusion of its sordid (and provably false) allegations are nothing more than tools being used to embarrass, harass, and pressure Singer and precipitate a shakedown of a perceived ‘deep pocket.'” Singer claims he was not even in Hawaii when the alleged abuse took place.

RYAN GOSLING AND EVA MENDES MAY BE ON THE OUTS: Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend and co-star Eva Mendes was nowhere in sight when their film, Lost River, premiered at Cannes this week. The film marked Ryan’s directorial debut but hit the red carpet solo and was seen mingling with his other co-star, Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks. Lost River has been getting mostly negative reviews and Entertainment Weekly claims that boos drowned out the applause after the screening.

ANGELINA JOLIE WOULD LOVE IF DRAG QUEENS EMBRACED ‘MALEFICENT’: Angeline Jolie is well aware of the over-the-top spectacle that is her costume in Maleficent. While doing press for the film, she recently revealed to reporters that she’d be happy to see the film embraced by the LGBT community, specifically drag queens. She explained, “I would be thrilled if it’s embraced by the drag queens. I think we all share a love of this kind of costume. I’m with them.” RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio posted a photo of herself last month giving her best Maleficent look — horns and all.



Pretty Little Liars Actress Adresses Photoshopped Pics

Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario wrote a lengthy Instagram post on Wednesday (May 21st) to address the controversy surrounding the GQ photo shoot featuring the 28-year-old and her co-stars. Many people have pointed out that the photos seem a bit too retouched and manipulated — going against what Troian and the other girls have stood for in the past when it comes to promotional material for their show.

Bellisario uploaded several unretouched stills from the shoot and wrote, “So by now you have seen many a shot from #GQ and many people have said that we were photoshopped…OF COURSE WE WERE! that’s a very specific type of photo shoot. And looking very blown out and perfected was obviously what they were looking for. Great. Cool. As long as we acknowledge how it was achieved so we know it’s not real. Here’s some behind the scenes of my body the way it is and was on the day. I’m not mad at how these pictures turned out, the girls and I had an absolute blast. More fun than we’ve had on a photoshoot in a while, and I think you can see that in our eyes and smiles. But it’s the same everywhere. It’s the same way on the posters of our show and even in women’s magazines. This industry seems to invest more in perfection than in flaw. But flaw and individuality, to me, are what make a human being interesting, they make our stories worth telling. (Unfortunately the flaws don’t usually sell products or magazines) I’m proud of my body and the way it looks because @themarkwildman kicks my butt in aerial. But my hips and thighs are a part of me (even though they magically weren’t in some shots!) I get those things from my momma. And I’m happy To shake what my momma gave me.” She added, “I mean. Photoshopped or not. I work with three of the most gorgeous women on the planet. (Goddesses without hair and makeup as well) @shaym@itsashbenzo @lucyhale #gq”


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