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by Gino on June 18, 2014

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IPhone 6 Rumors

People are really exIphone6Leakcited for the iPhone 6, and rumors are flying. A tech blogger named Sonny Dickson has posted what he claims are photos of the iPhone 6 to Twitter. His photos are of interest because Dickson is the same blogger who leaked authentic photos of the iPhone 5 ahead of its release. The photos depict a 5.5-inch model next to a 4.7-inch model. The iPhone 6 is expected to be released sometime later this year. (Fox)



Study: Congress Won’t Be 50 Percent Women for 100 Years

A new study from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research came up with the startling result that women won’t have equal representation in Congress — making up 50 percent of lawmakers — until the year 2121, more than 100 years from now. Currently, it stands at just 20 percent. The report was prepared for the group Political Parity, whose executive director, Marni Allen, blamed the slow progress on what she called a “lack of access to well-resourced networks” for women, as well as hyperpartisanship and a lack of diversity in current officeholders. She said, “We can’t wait 107 years to ensure women’s voices are equally represented in the halls of government.”


Facebook Oversharers Just Want to Belong

You know those people who overshare on Facebook? Hashing out their argument with their boyfriend in their posts or writing about their digestive problems from the night before? A new study from Albright College has found that social media oversharers really just want to belong. The research looked at Facebook as the way people express their “true selves,” meaning the qualities in ourselves we’d like to be recognized for, but are unable to express in real life. It found that people who felt they were more in touch with their true selves online were more likely to overshare, disclosing personal things and posting emotional updates about their lives. They seem to be doing it at an unconscious level, however, hoping to elicit care from their friends, inspiring a sense of belonging. Unfortunately for them, it seems to do the opposite, because the research found that people hate oversharing, and it actually pushes people away instead of drawing them closer.

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