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by Gino on July 2, 2014

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Google Planning Humanoid Robot for Public to Buy

Google is looking to make what was previously science fiction a reality by creating a humanoid robot that will be commercially available for people to buy. Engadget reports that the S-One humanoid robot, created by Japanese team SCHAFT, which was bought by Google last year, dominated the Robotics Challenge trials held in December by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). But the S-One was pulled out of the $2 million competition, in part because Google has said it’s not interested in going after military contracts, but also because it wants to focus on building a commercial robot. Engadget notes that the kind of buyers for such a humanoid robot would most likely be corporations, governments and the very wealthy. The S-One was originally designed to function as a first responder in disasters.


New App Lets Co-workers Anonymously Rate Each Other

Would you want to know what your co-workers really think of you? A new iPhone app called Knozen could let you find out, allowing co-workers to rate each other’s personalities anonymously. The app works by putting up two co-workers against each other, and then asking the user questions like, “Which person is friendlier?” or “Who is more likely to leave work early for a date?” After making a choice, the user is told how many other colleagues voted the same way, giving an evaluation of each worker’s strengths and weaknesses. Users can see how they were rated too. At least seven people from an organization need to sign up for Knozen before they’re allowed to start rating each other. Creator Marc Cenedella wants the app to eventually be used by businesses in the hiring process, believing that job candidates should be initially screened based on how well they’ll fit into a company’s culture, not just on their credentials.



Brazil – Chile Match Was Stressful For Brazilians

A 69 year-old Brazilian man died while watching Brazil’s World Cup penalty shootout with Chile. He was overcome by stress and had a heart attack. The victim suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes. 98 people were treated for stress and anxiety during the Brazil-Chile game.



Boston’s Solar Powered Benches

Is your cell phone dying constantly while you’re out enjoying nature? Then you may want to move to Boston. The city is installing solar-powered benches that allow certain smartphones and other devices to charge when plugged in. The benches are part of a pilot program and are called “Soofas.” They’re capable of connecting wirelessly to Verizon’s network, and relaying location-based environmental information to the user, such as air quality and noise-level data. Several parks in Boston will have the Soofas installed over the next week. (Fox)

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