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by Gino on July 4, 2014

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Professional Smeller???

A longtime NASA employee has one of the strangest — if not the strangest — job at the space agency, working there for the last 38 years as a professional smeller. George Aldrich’s job is to smell things before they go into space, which is necessary because since there’s no fresh air available in a space station, for instance, odors can linger there for years. The kind of things Aldrich typically smells include  books, hats, glues and watches, as well as specialized space equipment.


Two Brits’ Unique Way Of Getting Back At The Man Who Cheated On Them

Two British women dumped their cheating ex-boyfriend by placing a banner over a busy highway. The two women believed to be Nicola BrhyxhqIgAAj0ixMorland and Angela Illingworth decided to create the banner after finding out about one another. The banner, which read “Steve Frazer, You’re Dumped by both of your girlfriends”, has since been taken down, but hasn’t stopped pictures from surfacing on twitter. (The Newcastle Chronicle)

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