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by Gino on July 25, 2014

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Person Of Interest In Hernandez Case

Seen this guy?  Call 603-27AbbyHernandezsketch1-3636 or Conway Police Department at 603-356-5715.  For the full story, click here












Fitness Tracker Gives Electric Shock If You Slack Off

A new fitness band that’s due out next year uses pain to help keep the wearer on track, delivering an electric shock whenever a goal is missed. Prevention says the Pavlok band delivers 340 volts of electricity, which founder and CEO Maneesh Sethi says compares to the static electric shock you feel when you touch a metal doorknob. You first set a goal on theBandThatShocks Pavlok, such as going to the gym every day, and if you live up to your goal, you’re rewarded with things like money or a gift card or a free month at a gym. But if you miss going one day, you owe money to another user or you get zapped. Sethi says the goal is to reinforce good habits and punish bad ones to try to get rid of them. Before he came up with the idea for the Pavlok, Sethi had an even more unusual way to help keep him accountable, with Prevention saying he hired a woman to slap him in the face every time he logged on to Facebook.


The First Trailer Is Out!!!

The movie hits theaters in February

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