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by Gino on August 19, 2014

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Don Pardo Has Passed

Iconic TV and radio announcer most famous as the announcing voice of Saturday Night Live, died on Monday (August 18th). He was 96. Pardo announced newscasts, game shows and TV programs for more than 60 Pardo_SNLyears, including for almost four decades as the voice that announces the cast and guest and musical hosts’ names at the start of each episode of Saturday Night Live. Although Pardo retired from NBC in 2004, he continued with SNL through the end of last season in May, with his introductions in later years recorded from his Arizona home.



TLC WANTS MORE FROM KATE GOSSELIN: Kate Gosselin and her family are sticking around TLC. The network has ordered most specials following the mom and her eight children. The revival of the show back in June scored the highest ratings that the show has ever seen with 2.1 million viewers. The next special will follow the family on vacation in Boston.

‘DORA THE EXPLORER’ GROWS UP: Nickelodeon is spinning off Dora the Explorer and making the seven-year-old a bit more grown up. Dora and Friends: Into the City premiered on Monday night (August 18th) and features a more mature Dora and her human pals. The network’s executive vice president of preschool programming, Teri Weiss, said in a statement, “Aging-up a cartoon, especially one kids are so protective of, is not something you can necessarily do with every series. I think that because she has a continuous appeal to new generations of Dora fans, it seemed like the type of property that if we were going to do this sort of extension, this sort of growing-up move, it would be the one to go with. In some ways, that protectiveness is our safety net.”

‘ANT-MAN’ ADDS MORE CAST MEMBERS: Marvel has added a few more big names to Ant-Man. Judy Greer, John Slattery, Wood Harris, and T.I. have joined the project which stars Paul Rudd as the shrinking superhero. Production is already underway for the film which hits theaters on July 17th, 2015.

FOX KILLS TINA FEY PROJECT: Fox has officially decided to pass on Tina Fey’s project, Cabot College. The sitcom is set at a women’s college that starts allowing men to enroll. Tina is still a producer on NBC’s midseason comedy, Unbreakable Kimmy Scmidt, which stars Ellie Kemper.

SIGOURNEY WEAVER ADDED TO CAST OF ‘A MONSTER CALLS’: Sigourney Weaver has been added to the cast of A Monster Calls — the big-screen adaptation of the children’s fantasy novel by Patrick Ness. The story involves a young boy who attempts to deal with bullying at the hands of his classmates, and his mother’s terminal illness, by escaping into a fantastical world through the guidance of a tree monster. She will be playing the boy’s grandmother. Felicity Jones and Liam Neeson will also appear in the film.

PORTIA DE ROSSI’S SURPRISE ANNIVERSARY GIFT FOR ELLEN: The official Twitter page for The Ellen Show shared a photo of Portia De Rossi’s surprise gift for her wife over the weekend. The picture shows the couple posing with the sky in the background and skywriting which reads “Six.” Portia and Ellen got married on August 17th, 2008. There have been rumors of marital problems in the tabloids but Ellen has made several public statements insisting that they are still very happy together.

KELLY OSBOURNE OPENS UP ABOUT NIECE: Kelly Osbourne was a proud aunt while chatting with People over the weekend at L.A.’s BeautyCon about her two-year-old niece, Pearl. The Fashion Police co-host  said, “She called me and told me that she loved me on the phone for the first time the other day and I burst into tears hearing that little voice going, ‘Auntie Kelly, I love you.’ I had tears just roll down my face.” Kelly added, “She is just the most incredible, incredible little bundle of joy and the most beautiful — she’s so funny. I’m not just saying that because she’s my niece. Even other people are like, ‘I have a kid, but that kid’s real cute.'” Pearl is the daughter of Jack Osbourne and his wife Lisa Stelly.

‘SONS OF ANARCHY’ STAR SIDES WITH MMA FIGHTER WAR MACHINE: Sons of Anarchy actor Chuck Zito doesn’t exactly disagree with MMA fighter War Machine’s alleged brutal beating of his girlfriend after he found her with another guy. The actor told TMZ, “I’m sure things go on behind closed doors every day and you just don’t hear about it. He just over-reacted I guess. I guess if my girl was banging somebody, I’d do the same thing.” War Machine is currently facing seven criminal charges for the incident.

QUEEN LATIFAH PHOTOGRAPHED KISSING EBONI NICHOLS: Queen Latifah was photographed on vacation in Porto Cervo, Sardinia locking lips with rumored girlfriend Eboni Nichols. The talk show host has never officially confirmed her homosexuality and insisted on keeping her love life private. They have reportedly been dating for the past four years and there are currently rumors that they may have secretly gotten married.

VANESSA HUDGENS WISHES HER MAN A HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Vanessa Hudgens gushed over boyfriend, Austin Butler, as she posted a tribute in honor of his birthday on Monday (August 18th.) She wrote, “Happy birthday to the man with the kindest heart, beautiful soul, crazy talent and best looks I’ve ever seen. He never stops inspiring me in every aspect of life and always lifts those around him up higher. I thank god so greatly for blessing the world 23 years ago by creating Austin Butler.” They started dating back in 2011.



New Harry Potter Character

JK Rowling has expanded the Harry Potter universe once again. She wrote a new post on her Pottermore website further describing Celestina Warbeck — a popular singer who had been mentioned casually throughout the book series.

Rowling wrote, “Internationally-acclaimed singing sensation Celestina Warbeck (sometimes known as ‘the Singing Sorceress’) hails from Wales. Her father, a minor functionary in the Muggle Liaison Office, met her Muggle mother (a failed actress) when the latter was attacked by a Lethifold disguised as a stage curtain. Some of Celestina’s best-known songs include ‘You Charmed the Heart Right Out of Me’ and ‘A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love’. Her fans are usually older people who love her grandstanding style and powerful voice. The late 20th-century album You Stole My Cauldron but You Can’t Have My Heart was a massive global hit.”

  • The author goes on to describe Celestina saying, “Although we never lay eyes on Celestina during the whole seven volumes of the Potter books, I always imagined her to resemble Shirley Bassey in both looks and style. Three devoted fans were involved in a nasty three-broom pile up over Liverpool while trying to reach the last night of her Flighty Aphrodite tour, and her tickets often appear on the black market at vastly inflated prices (one reason why Molly Weasley has never yet seen her favorite singer live).”
  • The character is the star of her own stage show in Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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