Celebrity Sleaze for Thursday

by Gino on August 21, 2014

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G. W.’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

He thought he was gonna’ get out of it…  Former First Lady Laura Bush Saved The Day!




Are You Turning Into Your Mom And Dad?mom-and-dad-demotivational-poster-1286897124

A survey by Netmums reveals that people believe they turn into their parents at age 32. Other findings:
– mothers turned into their parents when: they preferred children’s TV shows over rock stars, thought 6am is a ‘time for getting up, not getting in”, didn’t know any songs on the charts and had handbags with baby wipes and toys
– fathers turned into their parents when: they stopped buying casual clothes, left Facebook and disliked traveling



Would Viewers’ Texts On-Screen at Movie Theaters Be a Fun Idea?

Some Chinese movie theaters are experimenting with allowing audience members’ texts commenting on the films to appear on the screen, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The so-called “bullet screens” are being tested out with films that appeal to younger audiences, with one theater manager saying viewers were charged about 10 cents per message. The idea came from the fact that most Chinese people watch films on mobile media, with many movie websites set up with these kind of bullet screens to allow viewers to send text messages commenting on them.


Wild Accident And Amazing Recovery

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