December 1st – This is Rosie. She lives in Conway, NH. For a  9 pound Chihuahua she packs a punch, she loves to hike the White Mountains and kayak the Saco River.  Her favorite thing is chasing chipmunks, bears, coyotes. She also loves being under the covers. But the BEST thing is getting a cookie at FYPO! ~ Kim Field

December 3rd – This is Bailey. He loves to go camping in Meredith, NH every summer. Bailey’s favorite toys are ones with squeakers! His favorite downtime is snuggling under a blanket in his mama’s lap! ~ Amy Kincaid

December 3rd – This is “THE GREAT ARCHIE OF CHATAGUE “. Archie is a Boston Terrier who loves the New England Patriots and chasing his brother cat Milo. ~ Mark and Carol Hounsell

December 4th – This is Annie. She’s a rescue from Texas who came to NH this past January. She’s sassy, playful and sweet as all get out. She enjoys hiking and has already tackled her first 4,000 footer. She loves veggies, peanut butter and her big brother Louie. ~Julie Duncan

December 5th – This is Kya. She is a rescue and has brought a lot of joy to us. We ❤️ her so much ~ Rachel Fillion

December 6th – This is Miss Daisy. She likes belly rubs, car rides, long walks, playing tug of war, and snuggling with her Grandpa! ~ Mary Ann Mayer

December 6th – This is Koda. He is a bulldog mix, who was adopted from a local rescue. He’s a fun loving, ball chasing, all around, fun dog with a funny small under bite. He’s a real charmer. His owners Nathaniel and Heather Stephens were more than happy to make him part of their pack. ~ Nathaniel Stephens

December 7th – This is Winston. He’s the new general manager at Cigar Shenanigans! He’s a Husky-Pomeranian pup! We know the breed is officially a Pomsky, but we prefer Huskaranian, because that sounds way more badass. ~ Penny Piva

December 8th – This is Morrison. He was a foster fail..and with that face, I’m sure you can see why. He was estimated to be about 3 years old when we got him. We gave him a fitting birthday of December 8th so he shares his birthday with his name sake…Jim Morrison. He loves stealing our belongings and hiding them from us. As you can see he’s a pumpkin thief at Halloween and on Christmas morning, we located some of our missing spices under the tree buried beneath gifts. He gives the silent treatment when he doesn’t get his way, would do anything for a treat and nudges our arms with his nose until we comply with his demand to be scratched and cuddled. ~ Ashley Nicole Gore

December 10th – This is Nugget. ~ Sarah Mohla

December 11th – This is Milo. Milo is an Airedale! Milo lives in Melrose MA, but is a big fan of FYPO and stops in every time he is in North Conway to pick up food and treats, and play in the puppy play groups! ~ The Johansson Family

December 14th – This is Bear. Bear’s my first born…oh god, I need help! Bear is my baby boy! He is a chocolate lab. He is a rescue!  Bear and I have been driving over an hour to FYPO, because it is our favorite, since he was just a baby. We come in about once every 2 months! And we ALWAYS come for holiday pictures (easter, christmas, Santa, etc). ~ Ally Caputo

December 17th – This is Animal. She got her name for climbing furniture like a monkey and playing fetch like a dog. Our high energy kitty has been in our family for ten plus years now. She is full of personality and enjoys a good back and forth conversation with her human family. ~ Liliia Poirier

    December 19th – This is Starbuck. She is a shepherd mix and she loves to cuddle. ~ Heather Holland

December 19th – This is Tanner. He was rescued from Puerto Rico. He was found in a fast food parking lot and was abused and hit by a car. He came to BuddyDog in Wayland, MA where we adopted him. He’s had some challenges but has made great progress. When we visit North Conway we always stop at FYPO. This visit I was one proud doggie Mama! He walked in with confidence, ignored the other dogs, wagged his tail, picked out a stuffed cow toy, waited patiently while he tried on collars, and did not “grr” once when someone stopped to say HI. I am so proud of this little guy, Hubby’s best buddy, my confidant…He lives in Spencer, MA with his brother cat Tucker. They are best buds. He loves walks, long rides in the car, watching out the front window, and cookies at bedtime. He cuddles in close…it’s the best feeling in the world! Thank you! ~ Amy Gustavson

December 24th – This is K’eyush (pronounced KY-yush). She is a Belgian Malinois. She loves to run on a dog team with her brothers and sisters, compete in dock diving, and most of all; bite work to take down the bad guys. ~ Christina Morin

December 25th – This is Tucker. Tucker is a lovable Beagle. His family thinks he’s the BEST Christmas gift ever! He loves long walks, playing with his furry brother Shaymus (cat), and naps…but most of all he LOVES snacks! This beagle’s nose can smell treats like it’s his job.  He is a treasured member of the Normandin family. ~ Cheryl Normandin

December 26th – This is Tehya. Tehya is a 54 pound lapdog that loves to lick, lick, lick her family and friends! As the official state dog of New Hampshire, Chinooks are a rarity with only about 1200 sets of their paws worldwide. Winter is definitely her favorite season – you may see Tehya skiing around the Valley! If she’s precariously near the edge of a river or lake in the summer, she’s only looking for a quick drink and hopefully the water will not splash her. Tehya’s family is optimistic that someday she will eagerly embrace water sports! In the meantime, Tehya’s happy to remain on dry land chasing squirrels, burying bones, and playing with her recently rescued brother, Buddy. ~ Shawn & Jenny Hagerty

December 27th – This is Cora. Cora loves belly rubs and playing with her sister and her besties. In the summer, her favorite thing is swimming with her humans!~ Jen Abbott

December 28th – This is Buddy. He was born on the streets of North Carolina spending the first four months of his life homeless and wandering with his mother and siblings. Luckily, a fabulous rescue group saved him and found him a loving family here in the Valley. He has adapted wonderfully to domestic living. Riding in the car is definitely one of his favorite daily activities. Maybe you have seen him being a terrific copilot helping his humans steer thru the bank and DD drive-thru lanes? He still loves to be outside and can spend hours a day in the yard both calmly sitting on a stump watching the trees and also hopping around playing with his sister, Tehya. After such a busy day, he will snuggle up on the bed with his family and sleep soundly knowing that’s he’s safe. ~ Shawn & Jenny Hagerty

December 30th – This is Fiona. She enjoys a quiet house, chasing chipmunks, and stealing bones from her big brother! ~Heather Pandora

December – This is Oakley. Oakley is your typical cattle dog. Oakley will chase the ball until Oakley’s legs feel like they’re going to fall off and Oakley’s favorite thing is playing with Oakley’s two sisters. ~ Alex Couch


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