March 1st – This is Sylus. He loves to run and explore and hang out with his friends. ~Michaela Graham

March 7th – This is Dolly. She is a miniature schnauzer and loves visiting Four Your Paws Only! ~Lauren Weeder

March 7th – This is Lila Du “lēla dū” (Swedish for “Little One”). He is a rescue from Texas. He enjoys playing with other dogs and hiking. He loves his family and the snow! ~ Mr. G Gowen

March 12th – This is Daphne Doodle. ~ Nina Close

March 15th – This is Brutus. He is a Shepard/Rotti mix and he loves bones, walks, hiking, and running around outside for hours! ~ Savannah Dearborn

March 15th – This is Mae. Mae is a shepherd mix. She loves to play with her other animal siblings, bones, and playing in all this snow we have gotten this winter. ~ Kathlynn Billings

March 15th – This is Finna. Finna is a beautiful leopard bengal. She is shy, but very talkative – a trait that is very common with bengals. She loves her cat tree and laying in front of the fireplace. ~ Tracy Simmons

March 17th – This is Riley Grace and she is smart, funny, and very loving but don’t even think about taking her squirrel!! ~ Suzanne Connifey

March 17th – This is Luna. Luna loves hiking, swimming, tennis balls, snow balls… and every other little thing about life! ~ Alexa Colpitts

March 22nd – This is Finley. He is a Golden Retriever who loves Four Your Paws Only and lives in Naples. Finley has an absolute ball playing in the snow and likes having his teeth brushed. He loves people, other dogs, and is a loyal companion. ~ Brian Levasseur

March 23rd – This is Liberty. She is as smart as she is beautiful(and just the same amount of stubborn). As much as she loves people and running around crazy, nothing can compare to her love of acting like a little plow truck and diving into the snow(nothing, that is, except her love for her family and ours for her). ~ Kyleana Carbone

March 24th – This is Pearl. Pearl is a Chihuahua/Shih Tzu/Pomeranian. Pearl likes going for walks, running, digging holes, taking naps, and playing with her squeaky toys. ~ Robin Gale

March 24th – This is Maple. He is a fun ball of energy who plays with everyone! Including pizza boxes! ~ Mariah LeBrun

March 25th – This is Nola. She loves roaming outside with her brother Yogi! ~ Ashlyn Kimball

March 25th – This is Wally. He is quite the cuddly dog and loves to be part of the action. He enjoys playing ball, going for walks, and finding sticks. ~ Erin Geyer

March 25th – This is Sammy Georgia. She came up from Georgia in a van that saved her life. She is just what I needed. She is by my side each and everyday. She goes to work with me everyday and to church. She is a bit skittish of new folks, but is the most gentle pup I have ever known. ~ Pam Hale

March 28th – This is Bear. Bear is a handsome border collie hound mix! ~ Holly Lagace

March 30th – This is Woody, our 6 year old Maine Coon cat. He is a sweet boy who loves the great outdoors. ~ Autumn Ouimette

March – This is Rylee. She is a very sweet 3-legged Goldendoodle. She loves people and loves to hike and swim! ~ Jane Mackenzie

March – This is Ace. He is a boxer-lab mix and is such a cuddle bug who is full of energy. ~ Luda Smith





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