May 1st – This is Bella. She was from a litter of puppies that were born at the Conway Area Humane Society. Poor Bella was very sick , almost died but was nursed back to health by Veterinarian Monique Kramer. She loves hanging out at home with her 2 “sisters” Bailey and Gia! She makes sure the squirrels, chipmunks and crows don’t come into the backyard! She is definitely a homebody! ~ Lisa and Skip Spadaccini

May 1st – This is Penelope. Her favorite activities include playing with her 3 sisters, lounging on the couch, and chasing leaves! ~ Stacia Sylvester

May 5th – This is Bella. She is a boxer pit mix and is a rescue. She is a sweet, goofy, and energetic puppy. She is getting ready to do one of her favorite things in this picture – swimming/river trip. ~ Jacklyn Brown

May 8th – This is Madeline! She is a shy girl. She loves to be pet and LOVES to eat. Her favorite activity is napping in her cat bed! ~ Amanda Whitney

May 8th – This is Willy. He is a Pomeranian/Pekingese mix. He loves to snuggle and snores worse than a grown man. He looks old because of his colors but don’t let them fool you! He has all the toys a dog could want but he has more fun with toilet paper rolls. He loves swimming, walking, and eating snow! We love our boy so much! ~ Maranda Bourbeau

May 9th – This is Rosie. She is the sweetest beagle you will ever meet!~ Heidi & Kailey King

May 10th – This is Harvey. He was rescued from Hurricane Harvey in Texas and now is a our youngest kid in the family!  With all of the running he does he especially loves naps and basking in the sun! Our big boy is a Plott Hound! ~ Steph Littlefield

May 11th – This is Dudley. He is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He loves to play hide and seek, swimming, going for walks, and hanging out with his daddy. ~ Carolyn and Kirk Potter

May 12th – This is Simba and Lily. They are brother and sister from the same litter. They enjoy lounging in the sunshine on sunny days and staying snuggled up on colder days. ~ Jennifer Pushee

May 13th – This is Jaeger. He is a Small Munsterlander.  He is a very spoiled boy that lives in CT with his family.  When he’s not out hunting for birds he loves to go out on hikes, vacation with his family, and go swimming.  He is loved very much! ~ Cori Castro

May 13th – This is Malcolm! He is the most playful, energetic kitty ever. He loves his older fur brother and sister, and bothers them to play all day long. Treats are no match for this monster! ~ Amanda Whitney

May 13th – This is Tucker. His favorite things to do are: swimming, tug-of-war, fetch, and ice fishing. He’s one of eleven pups, who we hope to reunite with at some point in the near future. Fingers crossed. He is the biggest cuddle bug, who takes up one side of the bed. When his Dad, Mark Gutkowski works the 2nd shift, Tucker happily claims his side, including his pillow. ~ Melissa Evans

May 15th – This is Sage. Her favorite activities include eating treats, begging for table scraps, and spending time with her family. Sage is commonly found snoozing at Debit One Bookkeeping where she enjoys greeting everyone who walks in the door. ~ Kim & Rickie Tibbetts

May 17th – This is Pence. He is a long haired cat. He loves his big brother, Jeter and tolerates his little dog sister, Maddi. Pence is very lovable and is a purr machine! He loves eating anything, especially raw potatoes and fresh raw green beans! ~ Joli Smith

May 19th – This is Suki. She’s a Shih Tzu. She loves rides, snuggles, snacks, empty milk jugs, the New England Patriots, and her family! ~Joanne, Duncan and Lil’ Duncan MacKenzie

May 21st – This is Lucky. Lucky is a lil’ monster who loves hiking, snow, and tennis balls. Favorite past times include keep away with his sister, and destroying plush toys. ~ Megan Arsenault

May 23rd – This is Lucy. We got her as a rescue just about a year ago and she almost instantly bonded with her best friend, my son, Jacob. These two are inseparable from the time he gets home from school to the time he goes to bed. ~ Jason Geekboy

May 23rd – This is Ruger, we adopted him from Conway Area Humane Society and his name at the time was Rooster. He loves everyone and everything, he even likes cats! He is our son’s best friend and has made our family so happy! He is the best dog you could ever ask for. ~ Chris Spaulding

May 23rd – This is Timber. He enjoys car rides, carrying around shoes, playing ball, and bird hunting! ~ Kayla Guay

May 23rd – This is Freckles. He isn’t a fan of too many things in his older age. But one thing he loves is treats! He likes to be with his humans more than anything! ~ Kayla Guay

May 24th – This is Jewel. Jewel is a rescue from Georgia, and her “pawrents” adopted her on their honeymoon. Her favorite thing to do is hangout and pester her sisters!~ Alex Couch

May 25th – This is Piper. She is well known for giving snuggles and being a wonderful companion to her older sister, Sage. Piper makes friends wherever she goes and has a smile for everyone. Her favorite activities include hanging out with her family and chewing the inside lining of shoes. ~ Kim & Rickie Tibbetts

May 28th – This is Diesel. He loves spending time with his mom and sister, chasing his cat siblings, peanut butter and his kong. He is also the most handsome pup ever! ~ Angela Wiggin

May 28th – This is Luna. She loves car rides, camping, walks, and playing in the water especially when someone has a fish pole in their hand! When she’s not taking naps, you can find her protecting her favorite squeaky toy! She always wants to go and she’s a pretty content little puggle! ~ Rach Johnson

May – This is King Ragnar the Great. He is a Great Pyrenees mix, a rescue from Because 4 Paws in Connecticut, he traveled there from Texas as a pup. He has come a long way in many respects and is a huge loving bear of a pup! ~Tammy Brooks


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