July 1st – This is Lexi. Lexi loves her stuffed squirrel toys (all 4 of them) and loves to go for walks with us! She gives so many kisses and loves everyone she meets! The picture is from when she graduated from her training classes! ~ Natalie Libby and Chris Gammon

July 3rd – This is Echo. He is a beagle. ~ Sarah Legassie

July 3rd – This is Baxter. He is a mini schnauzer. He lives with Tricia and Sean McGrath and their two daughters, Maddie, 14, and Abigail, 9. He loves to play hide and seek, go hiking, and especially loves snuggling. ~ Tricia McGrath

July 3rd – This is Russell Michael Brooks, he is a purebred Golden Retriever. I have had him his whole life, and his brother from the same litter was Michael Russell Brooks. We lost Michael to bone cancer in 2015. His new step brother is King Ragnar, lol, and Russell is the true definition of LOVE. ~ Tammy Brooks

July 3rd – This is Brutus. He was rescued from Hurricane Harvey and joined our family when he was 10 weeks old. He loves life in NH, hiking, swimming, and playing with his friends at the dog parks, and of course with his favorite little humans ♡ ~ Jennifer Pushee

July 3rd – This is Shelby. She is half pitbull and half Catahula. She is the sweetest dog you’d ever meet!! ~ Jeanne Gardner

July 4th – This is Jasmine or Jazz for short. She is the official greeter at Fields of Ambrosia. She loves playing in water be it a lake or snowflakes! ~ Deb Jasien

July 10th – This is Charlie. He continues to play with his buddies at doggie daycare. Hugs and treats are always his favorites. ~Tina King

July 12th – This is Mae Bell. She’s a Newfy. She’s got quite the “lazy dog” personality but she’s also quite the brat haha! She is true to her breed being a big mamma watchdog over her human babes! We love her bunches! ~ Christina Paiva

July 13th – This is Cooper. He’s a Great Dane. He is an oversized couch potato! He loves car rides, hiking, camping and playing with his stick in the field. He also enjoys watching the birds with his 4 year old cat, Max. ~ Courtney Sparks

July 17th – This is Zoe. She still acts like a puppy. ~ Allison Furmankiewicz

July 16th – This is Bailey. She is an Aussie mix and weighs 68 pounds! She was adopted indirectly from veterinarian, Dr. Monique Kramer. Bailey is from Louisiana, and is a total love bug! She loves to run the perimeter of the backyard to be sure all’s well! Chasing squirrels and chipmunks up the tree is another favorite activity!~ Lisa & Skip Spadaccini

July 18th – This is Willow (l) and Lily (r). We rescued Lily years ago. Life doesn’t get any better with 2 black labs!! And they both love Conway Magic and FYPO! ~ Beverlee & David Richter

July 19th – This is Chloe. She is a beagle who is full of life. She loves going for walks and taking a ride in the car. She likes blueberries and vanilla ice cream. ~ Shannon Bartlett

July 22nd – This is Baxter. ~ Miranda Fournier

July 23rd – This is Paisley. We rescued her from the Conway Area Humane Society and she’s originally from Puerto Rico, where her rescuers found her in the mountains after a hurricane. ~ Rachelle Cormier

July 23rd – This is Baby! He celebrates his birthday a week after Mommas! He came from one of my previous kitties and I fell in love at first sight. Since he has been King of his domain 👑. He’s an absolute love bug. He loves his Momma and Daddy so much and his little sister Felicity. ❤️🎂 ~ Ashley Eldridge

July 23rd – This is Koda. Koda is a pure bread Border Collie. He loves to run and catch the Frisbee and tennis ball. His tongue is longer than his mouth so it is always hanging out just a little. When he meets people, he immediately rolls over on his back for a tummy petting. This  picture is of Koda and his brother Gizmo. ~ Ann Mills

July 26th – This is Ella. Ella likes to eat just like every other pug out there. She likes to “help” her mom make dinner each night. She also loves playing with her human and doggy friends. ~ Jolene Kowerdovich

July – This is Pearl. Pearl loves people and has lots of energy! ~ Jessica VanDyne


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