August 1st – This is Squirt. We recently adopted Squirt. He’s a collie-corgi mix. He loves going for walks with his Mom, keeping his Dad company while he’s working in the garage, and cuddling with his favorite toys (a stuffed raccoon and a squeaky-toy pineapple)! ~ Ashley Lauze

August 4th – This is Zoey! She loves to play tug of war, loves pineapple for a treat , loves to play ball and has a ton of energy that her Mom can’t keep up with! ~ Ailsa Mackenzie

August 4th – This is Violet. Violet was a rescue from All Sato’s in Puerto Rico. We adopted her on Black Friday 2016. She was a little shy of 4 months. One month to the day of sending our beloved Boston Terrier free of pain to run with all the other doggies. She saved me. She’s loved very much! Her favorite human is in the photo with her. My 11 yr old, granddaughter. ~ Tammy Howe

August 6th – This is Felicity. She came from the Conway Area Humane Society. She loves to play with her cat toys all over the house. She also loves cuddling with Mommy and Daddy. She has such a funny personality. Love You Fel! ~ Ashley Eldridge

August 8th – This is Mia. In October of 2017 we adopted her from 3 Dogs Rescue in Berwick, Maine. She appears to be mostly Dachshund with a bit of beagle thrown in for good measure.  She is a Hurricane Harvey survivor. Her family lost everything in the storm and gave her up along with her puppies and her three siblings. They made their way to a rescue in Mississippi that works with 3 Dogs Rescue in Maine. They brought them all north, along with a transport full of other dogs and Mia chose us. She has brought us great joy, love and silliness to mend our hearts after losing our last dachshund at the age of 15. We only wish we had the chance to let her original family know that she is so well loved and cared for and that she adjusted easily to living in the north as an only child. ~ Kimberly Steward

August 8th – This is Gunner. He loves taking hikes with his adopted sisters, and kayak rides with his Mom. He loves to make his Mom’s patients happy by giving them kisses and cuddles. ~ Michelle Green

August 10th – This is Duke. He spends most of his time hanging with his Mom and Dad and the neighborhood doggos who are his best ever friends. He loves to beg for table food and will do almost anything for peanut butter or cheese sticks. Playing fetch and barking at nothing is a few of his favorite hobbies as he’s an only child! ~ Matt Benvie and Danika Morin 

August 14th – This is Dakota. She’s a golden doodle. ~ Kaela Mitchell

August 15th –This is JJ. He’s a Pitt/Terrier mix who will melt your heart. JJ was rescued from Hershey, PA and has been living the life ever since. He is afraid of his own shadow but will greet you with kisses and gives great hugs! He is full of antics, demands all of the attention and loves to play football! JJ has four fur siblings, two dogs (a chihuahua and Maltese), two cats, and his BFF is a cat, Jack the Cat Skellington who is Deaf and has Cerebral Hypoplasia. ~ Rachael Rinaldo

August 18th – This is Charlie. We adopted him in November 2016 from the Conway Shelter. The couch is his favorite spot, especially when his sister is right next to him 🙂 ~ Alicja Lillis

August 21st – This is Kramer.  He is spoiled rotten and loves it! He LOVES the snow and going ice skating on Moose Pond. His favorite time is whenever a fire is going and he can get the best seat in the house. He loves his Mom and Dad very much! ~ Denise Heil

August 22nd – This is Kato. He’s our newest fur baby! It is hard to believe we have had this big boy for a while now considering he was 12 lbs when we brought him home and is now over 90 lbs! He loves hiking and swimming with his humans and any adventure he gets to go on. He is a ball of happy energy at all times (even at the vet for his recent leg injury) but he isn’t letting it keep him down. He would love to win a bag of goodies as eating is his most favorite things to do. Lol! ~ Jaclyn Brown

August 26th – This is Odie. Odie is an Alaskan Husky. He loves visiting and playing with his brothers, Brewster and Kai and his sister, Rebel, and of course snuggling with his Mom. He loves bacon (who doesn’t?!), belly rubs and giving kisses… and it’s darn near impossible to get him to come in once the snow starts flying! ~ Becca Deschenes

August 29th – This is Maverick. He is an American Bully who loves to swim, hike, and play fetch. ~ Mama Bully

August 29th – This is Kiska. Kiska loves going for hikes and swimming in the summer but her favorite thing to do is to play in the snow during winter. We’re adding another member to our pack this September with our first little boy. ~ Madison Bowley

August – This is Kilo. Kilo has been living with her Memaw and Papa while her Mom was deployed with the Army. In that time she has come to be spoiled with couch time, ice cream cones, and daily walks in the Pines. Kilo likes car rides and cuddling up with her unicorn at bedtime. ~ Amber Dawn


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