January 1st – This is Hiccup. He is the center of his mommy and daddy’s life. Hiccup is an emotional support dog and does his job well. When not working he loves to run in the back yard and play ball. ~ Stephanie and Edward Chase

January 2nd – This is Bandit. ~ Vickie Ryder

January 3rd – This is Shorty, he enjoys chasing chipmunks, howling and car rides. ~ Heather Pandora

January 3rd – This is Sadie Mae. ~ Michelle Chick

January 4th – This is Emma. She was rescued from Ohio along with her brother and she has raised every puppy in the house since then, currently she has 5 younger pack members and a flock of chickens that she adores. She first went into FYPO in July of 2002!! We can’t bring her up any longer since she doesn’t travel well these days but we always have our New Hampshire memories from down here in RI. ~ Todd and Cheryl Tucci

January 5th – This is Sophie. She was born January 5th!!! Sophie and I share our January 5th Birthday 🙂 ~ Cindy Marty

January 5th – This is Chief. ~ Miranda

January 6th – This is Angus. He loves playing with his brother, Seamas and his friend Ruckus. He also enjoys long walks, chasing tennis balls, barking loudly, and chewing slippers and socks. He’s likes to snuggle and is always trying to climb onto laps. ~ Amy Brunell

January 7th – This is my boy Atticus! He is a Australian Shepard/Hound mix. He loves his bones and Kong. He loves being outside and playing with our other animals. ~Tanya

January 9th – This is Summit. She’s a Bernese Mountain Dog. She loves to work and especially likes to do scent work and carting. ~ Lloyd and Lynn Jones

January 10th – My beloved Westie, Millie was born on January 10th. I visit Four Paws when I come to visit family in the U.S. ~ Sue Taylor from England

January 10th – Meet Aspen! A Southern Rescue from Arkansas! She is a Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix, full of love and spunk! She enjoys long walks and spending lots of time with her people and naps on the couch!~ Jessica Dennett

January 12th – Meet Derby. Derby loves long walks in the woods and snuggling on the couch! ~ Penny Hamel

January 13th – This is Greta Lee. She has had a rough year with having to have two ACL surgeries. She is doing well and looking forward to being spoiled on her birthday.~ Angel Buck

January 14th – This is Hannah, our Greyhound. ~ Julie Grooms

January 15th – This is Balto. ~ Vickie Ryder

January 16th – Hey everyone my name is Yogi. My favorite toy is anything that squeaks and my Mom and Dad have me covered in that department. I also have a little sister named Nola who is a beagle as well! ~ Ashlyn Kimball

January 17th – This is Logan, my wife’s service dog working. ~ Mike Cleary

January 18th – She is training to be a seizure response dog. Violet is loved and her favorite store is Four Your Paws Only. ~ Tristan MacLeod

January 18th – This is Nash. He loves going for walks in the woods, playing ball, and belly rubs. He is our silly, lovable goober. ~ Jennifer Stoey

January 19th – This is Isabelle AKA Izzy. She is fun loving and full of energy….. at night! She is an indoor cat but her main goal in life it to get outside any chance she can, so we got her this leash from For Your Paws Only a few years ago to let her get some fresh air! ~ Samantha St. Onge

January 19th – This is Gracie Jolie. ~ Aliceann Haulenbeek

January 21st – This is Teddy and Graham. ~ Vickie Ryder

January 29th – This is Bruno, his birthday is January 29th. Bruno has always been very lovable, since the day we first got him! He enjoys digging holes in our driveway for our cars to fall into. He loves sitting in his older sister, who is 3, Alexis’ chair or stealing her teddy bears when she’s not looking. He loves nibbling on your ears or pawing at you to wake you up or get your attention. As well as doing tricks to get treats! ~ Ashley Smith

January 29th – This is Foxboro. He is a Marble Bengal that’s full of personality. He loves his toys, cat tree, and every food group. Fox enjoys being outside (leashed) and laying in front of the fireplace – even in the summer! ~ Tracy Simmons

January 30th – This is TK. He is an American Bully who loves to spend his time hiking the Whites and working towards the 4000 footer club!! He is also a service dog helping his owner get through life a little easier. ~ Mama Bully

January – Meet Cinnamon. She is an abused shelter dog, starved, and lived in a car with her mother and 4 other pups. ~ Deb Selmi


To sign YOUR pet up for the FYPO Pet Birthday Club send a picture and small bio to [email protected] and your pet will be featured on our website for the whole month! Plus, the week of their birthday they will be in the running for a FYPO Birthday Gift Basket!

~ For Dogs – That’s a FYPO Birthday Bone and a bag of Open Farm Meat Treats!

~ For Cats – That’s Kitty Cookies, A Toy Mouse, and Open Farm Meat Treats!

A Winner Will Be Announced Each Friday at 4pm and MUST BE AVAILABLE TO PICK UP PRIZE IN STORE! Good luck!

Special Thanks to Four Your Paws Only!

FYPO is a unique, award winning, pet-friendly, pet supply store that caters to pets and their owners. Their mission is to provide the best customer service, the best quality pet products, and the most enjoyable shopping experience for you and your pet whether you live locally, you’re here on vacation, just passing through, or shopping with them online. Located at 1821 White Mountain Highway (Rte.16) North Conway, New Hampshire!

For more info visit FOURYOURPAWSONLY.COM

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