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by Gino on August 2, 2013

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Looks Like We Have A New Most Annoying Music Video

The Most Interesting Man In The World Is NOT A Fan Of Landmines

Jonathan Goldsmith, the man who plays The Most Interesting Man in the World recently joined landmine and bomb accident survivor assistance program, Clear Path International. Join him in Vietnam with Clear Path’s partner, Mines Advisory Group as he visits survivors of accidents involving unexploded ordnance and MAG clearance operations.

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Math And Zombies?

Do you stay up all night worrying if you could make it through the zombie apocalypse? First of all, what are you watching before you go to bed? Cut it out. Read a nice book of poems, drink some warm milk, relax. Second, you can find out for sure with this equation, according to University of Ottawa math professor Robert J. Smith, who developed this math model to predict a person’s chances in a hypothetical zombie pandemic. Got a pencil? It’s (bN)(S/N)Z=bSZ. You calculate with N=total populations, S=number of susceptible people, Z=zombies and b=likelihood of transmission. The equation shows there’s no chance for co-existence: We either beat the zombies or become the zombies. So if a zombie pandemic does break out, we suggest you throw the calculator out the window and find either Brad Pitt or a chainsaw.

Scandal in Baseball

Any time now, we expect to hear the announcement that as many as 14 Major League Baseball players, several of them All-Stars, will be suspended for their use of performance-enhancing drugs supplied by a now-closed clinic called Biogenesis. Most are expected to be banned from the game for at least 50 games. Alex Rodriguez, accused of persuading others to use the drugs, may well face a more severe penalty.  The NY Post claims publishers are offering ARod millions for a tell-all book

Why Does So Much Weird Stuff Seem To Happen In Florida

A columb in Slate argues that Florida is not only the home to Walt Disney World, but also to the weird. Author Craig Pittman says maybe the reason so much weird stuff happens in Florida is because of its population– the state now has 20-million people. Additionally, 80-million tourtists visit the place each year. All those people combined with a subtropical climate that has creatures like alligators and boa constrictors and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Florida’s Panama City is the divorce capital of the U.S., while the state also is the number one state for mortgage fraud and identity fraud. There’s even an entire Twitter feed dedicated to “Florida Man” stories. (Yahoo)

What Does Your Cellphone Say About You?

TalkTalk Mobile recently surveyed 2,000 smartphone owners to find out about their personalities. Here’s what they found:

If you own an iPhone you

rate yourself as attractive

are ambitious

are successful

are a hard worker

work late

are active on social media

are well-traveled

spend lots on clothes and grooming each year

are confident, ambitious, daring, bright and flirty

If you own an Android you

are creative

are a good cook

are polite

watch lots of TV


are shy, quiet, relaxed, introverted and calm

If you own a Blackberry you

make the most calls and send the most texts

enjoy long term relationships

drink coffee

are social

are tardy

eat out the most

are loud and bubbly

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